Western Counties Championship – Dorset & Wilts narrowly lose to Cornwall

Western Counties Championship – Dorset & Wilts narrowly lose to Cornwall

Dorset and Wilts put up a tremendous fight and very nearly pulled off an upset against Cornwall who outrated them on 15 of the 16 boards.  In the end the score was 7.5-8.5

Two games in particular stood out for completely different reasons.

Firstly, Allan Pleasants was playing no less than John Nunn.   After 34 moves he stood well but was very short of time.   Eventually he went astray in a rook ending but had impressed us all with how well he played.

Secondly, Ian Clark was playing Petra Nunn on the only board where Dorset & Wilts held a rating advantage, albeit a measly 3 elo points.  Ian played the 5.Ng5 line of the 2 Knights and ended up in a position where he was 2 pawns up but in a terrible bind.   He survived a completely lost middlegame to reach a worse endgame.   His tenacity was rewarded when his opponent allowed him to swap off to an ending where he was still a pawn down but which, with all the pawns on one side of the board, was drawn.

Both games with light notes are given at the end of this report.

Peter Anderson 22/2/21


Dorset & WiltshireCornwall
BoardNameRating“Home” ScoreNameRating“Away” Score
1Allan Pleasants20690John Nunn25611
2Gorgun Aliriza20430.5Jeremy Menadue20480.5
3Clark Ian20500.5Petra Nunn20470.5
4Du Toit Reenan19080Robin Kneebone20721
5Weatherlake John18871Lloyd Retallick19970
6Georgiou George18480.5Ian George19070.5
7Ursell Richard17880Richard Clark18671
8Leeson Chris17840Grant Healey18931
9Lundin Terje17651Jamie Morgan18670
10O’Byrne Danny17431Gary Trudeau18280
11Joyce Tim16981Mick Hill17490
12Doyle Jamie16241Richard Smith17280
13Sandy Paul16180Manuel Patino17241
14Parsons David16380Nigel Kirkman17191
15Owen Phil15551Jason Henderson16830
16Burton Louis12480Kieran Macphail16291