Online Chess for Local Players

While the coronavirus is disrupting face-to-face chess Martin Clancy is organising regular free tournaments on Lichess for players from local clubs. 

As of 1st June, Monday evenings which were previously solely for Ringwood club members are now open to everyone.   They include chess variant arenas which are challenging but great fun.

Mon 7:30 pm     5 min + 3 sec chess variant.          8th June: Racing Kings
Mon 8:45 pm     3 min + 3 sec

Wed 7:30 pm     5 min + 3 sec themed opening.   10th June: Chigorin Defence
Wed 8:45 pm     3 min +3 sec

Fri  2:00 pm      5 min + 3 sec
Sat  2:00 pm     5 min + 3 sec
Interested?   Please see the instructions on how to join and past results


Dorset is a good choice of county in which to play chess! Over 200 adult players and 100 juniors regularly take part in matches, congresses and learning activities. We run four regular congresses and have a dedicated Junior Chess Coordinator, junior learning groups and tournaments aimed specifically at juniors.

There are 10 friendly clubs with 48 teams that participate in:

Dorset Blitz 160918

Forthcoming Events

 Fri 16 – Sun 18 Oct ’20 55th Dorset Open Championship, Bournemouth (weekend congress)

The 4th 1 day Dorset Blitz will take place Sunday, 4 October ’20. Organiser Steve Peirson. This is held at Furzebrook Village Hall, near Wareham

Several Junior events take place each year and the detail of these is given through “Junior Chess” on the main menu bar

In July and August 2016 the 103rd British Chess Championships were held in Bournemouth for the first time in 80 years which achieved a record attendance. This was very much down to the considerable work of the B&DCL and DCCA officials Martin Simons and Ian Clark. Along with the successful Bournemouth Grand Chess Congress organised by the B&DCL for 4 years which provided half of the local sponsorship to these championships, clubs across both leagues also provided essential financial support.



Rapidplay Winners over 25 Years (allowing for Dorset qualification)

2020 I. Thompson, I. Clark
2019 M Duggan, A Pleasants, M Waddington
2018 J Weatherlake, G. Sawicki, M. Waddington, P. Anderson
2017 O. Garcia, A. Pleasants
2016 O. Garcia, K. Goater
2015 K. Harman, B. Jenks
2014 C. Bellers, B. Jenks, A. Pleasants
2012 K. Harman
2011 L. Laker
2010 B. Jenks
2009 W. Braun
2008 M. J. Simons, W. Braun
2007 I. Clark, B. Jenks, W. Braun
2006 M. Simons
2005 W. Braun
2004 B. Jenks
2003 B. Jenks, B. Hirsch
2002 A. Pleasants, I. Clark, B. Hirsch, B. Jenks
2001 G. Willetts
2000 G. White
1999 G. White
1998 B. Hirsch, M. Waddington
1997 B. Jenks
1996 I. Clark, K. Goater, G. White
1995 M. Freeman, G. White