Online Chess for Local Players

While the coronavirus is disrupting face-to-face chess Martin Clancy is organising regular free tournaments on Lichess for players from local clubs. 

Mon 7:30 pm     5 min + 3 sec chess variant.       10th August: Crazyhouse

Mon 8:45 pm     3 min + 3 sec

Wed 7:30 pm     5 min + 3 sec themed opening.   12th August: Sicilian Dragon
Wed 8:45 pm     3 min +3 sec

Fri  2:00 pm      5 min + 3 sec
Sat  2:00 pm     5 min + 3 sec
Interested?   Please see the instructions on how to join and past results

Forthcoming Events

The following events are provisionally scheduled but will be subject to review in light of the coronavirus:

  • Sunday, 4 October ’20: 4th Dorset Blitz.
    Furzebrook Village Hall, near Wareham.  Organiser Steve Pierson
  •  Fri 16 – Sun 18 October ’20: 55th Dorset Open Championship
    Bournemouth (weekend congress).  Organiser Ian Clark. 

Several Junior events take place each year and the detail of these is given through “Junior Chess” on the main menu bar