Coronavirus and OTB Chess

The ECF has issued guidance relating to COVID-19.   Details of these and previous ECF and Government statements  can be found here.

With regards to the B&DCL and Dorset League, club officials and players are reminded of the following guidelines:

  • All venues should provide sanitising gel
  • All venues should be well ventilated
  • Boards should be spaced well apart
  • We discourage players from gathering around boards particularly at the end of matches.

We also encourage face coverings (masks) to be worn, particularly when walking around the playing room. Should a venue insist on the wearing of face coverings (masks), the League Controller and all clubs are to be advised well in advance. Players cannot insist that their opponent wears a face covering (mask) but this can be agreed by the teams beforehand and flexibility in terms of board orders will be shown to accommodate this.  Captains are encouraged to discuss this issue in advance of the match night.

Please see the Dorset League Rules and the B&DCL Captains Page (and in particular the B&DCL Captains Notes) for more details.

Online Chess for Local Players

Details of online tournaments for local players can be found here.