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Martin Simons’ end of August update and two subsequent ECF statements, including guidance on the onerous precautions recommended to restart face-to-face chess, can be found here.

Online Chess for Local Players

Woud you like to represent your county? 
Ian Clark is organising the Dorset entry for the online Western Counties Championship.

While the coronavirus is disrupting face-to-face chess Martin Clancy is organising regular free tournaments on Lichess for players from local clubs. 

Mon 7:30 pm     5 min + 3 sec                                  30th November: Chess 960
Wed 8:45 pm     3 min +3 sec

Wed 7:30 pm     5 min + 3 sec themed opening.   2nd December: Open Lopez
Wed 8:45 pm     3 min +3 sec

Sat  2:00 pm     5 min + 3 sec
Interested?   Please see the instructions on how to join and past results