Dorset is a good choice of county in which to play chess! Over 200 adult players regularly take part in club matches and competitions and over 100 juniors in chess activities.

There are 48 participating teams in 2 vibrant chess leagues: the Bournemouth and District Chess League (B&DCL) and the Dorset County Chess Association (DCCA) League  in which 10 friendly clubs participate.  Details of your nearest club can be found under the B&DC League and Dorset League menus at the top of this page.

There is also a B&DCL Team Handicap Knockout Cup and more recently a friendly Bacchus League for new or inexperienced players.

Results from the leagues and cup can be accessed via the ECF LMS (League Management System) – click on the red button on this page, top right. All other current chess news is posted on this website.

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Forthcoming Events

Sun 24 May ’20 3rd Dorset Closed Congress, Merley (all day) – unfortunately due to Coronavirus this event is going to be postponed

Fri 16- Sun 18 Oct ’20 55th Dorset Open Championship, Bournemouth (weekend congress)

The 4th 1 day Dorset Blitz will take place in September on a date to be announced by the Organiser Steve Peirson. This is typically held at Furzebrook, near Wareham

Several Junior events take place each year and the detail of these is given through “Junior Chess” on the main menu bar

In July and August 2016 the 103rd British Chess Championships were held in Bournemouth for the first time in 80 years which achieved a record attendance. This was very much down to the considerable work of the B&DCL and DCCA officials Martin Simons and Ian Clark. Along with the successful Bournemouth Grand Chess Congress organised by the B&DCL for 4 years which provided half of the local sponsorship to these championships, clubs across both leagues also provided essential financial support.

Rapidplay Winners over 25 Years (allowing for Dorset qualification)

2020 I. Thompson, I. Clark
2019 M Duggan, A Pleasants, M Waddington
2018 J Weatherlake, G. Sawicki, M. Waddington, P. Anderson
2017 O. Garcia, A. Pleasants
2016 O. Garcia, K. Goater
2015 K. Harman, B. Jenks
2014 C. Bellers, B. Jenks, A. Pleasants
2012 K. Harman
2011 L. Laker
2010 B. Jenks
2009 W. Braun
2008 M. J. Simons, W. Braun
2007 I. Clark, B. Jenks, W. Braun
2006 M. Simons
2005 W. Braun
2004 B. Jenks
2003 B. Jenks, B. Hirsch
2002 A. Pleasants, I. Clark, B. Hirsch, B. Jenks
2001 G. Willetts
2000 G. White
1999 G. White
1998 B. Hirsch, M. Waddington
1997 B. Jenks
1996 I. Clark, K. Goater, G. White
1995 M. Freeman, G. White


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Here is a great on-line International event to look forward to on Chess24. Well done Magus!

The link to Chess24.com:

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If you are interested in forthcoming congresses in both our region and beyond, you may find this ECF link useful: