This page is aimed at supporting Captains with information and was last updated on 27/9/21

Player Allocations Files and Fixtures

Player Allocation file (updated weekly): B&DCL Player Allocations Season 2021-22 week ending 20th May

Fixtures can be viewed in a variety of ways in LMS

Rules of Chess

Rules of chess with notes (last  checked as being current on 21/9/21):  Laws2018

Notes for captains, primarily rule clarification & specific to the B&DCL: Captains Notes 2021-22 v5.PDF

Results Cards

The results cards now reflect Ratings as opposed to Gradings:

In PDF format: B&DCL Results Card

In Excel Format: B&DCL Results Card

B&DCL and Bacchus League Club Information for the 2021/22 Season

This sections contains critical information for visiting teams and a list of captains.

For the time being, please log into LMS to see captains’ contact details.  If sufficient captains agree, contact details will be added to this page for convenience.

Please see the Clubs page for club venues, times, and secretaries.

Bournemouth Chess Club


A Team, Division 2 – John Torrance

B Team, Division 3 – John Fearnhead

C Team, Division 4 – Paul Errington

Bournemouth Pretenders, Bacchus League –  Will Fearnhead


Highcliffe Chess Club


A Team, Division 1 – Adam Ursell

B Team, Division 3 – Richard Ursell

C Team, Division 4 –  Andrew Manson

Highcliffe Castles, Bacchus League – Michael Tew


New Milton Chess Club

There is a page on the club website that has important information applying to all members of visiting teams, please click on: or google “New Milton Chess” – concerning dress, car parking, consumption of food and drink and signing-in.


A Team, Division 1 –  David Bradley-Brock

B Team, Division 3 –  Tim Jones


Poole Chess Club


A Team, Division 1 –  Ciprian Stanciu

B Team, Division 2 –  David M Fuller

C Team, Division 3 – Tarik Reghif

D Team, Division 4 – Joe Wood

Poole Bishops, Bacchus League – Eric Sachs


Ringwood Chess Club

Please note that Ringwood has a new venue – please see the Clubs page or the Ringwood website for more information.
Please also note that roadworks on the A31 may complicate your journey home – please see here for where to find information on the roadworks.


A Team, Division 1 – Rob Davenport


Southbourne Chess Club


A Team, Division 1 – Martin Simons

B Team, Division 2 – Brian Curran

C Team,  Division 3 – John Harris

D Team, Division 4 – Chris D Lane

Southbourne Seagulls, Bacchus League – Nikki Forster


Wimborne Chess Club

A Team, Division 1 – Ian Clark

B Team, Division 2 – Mike Jackson

C Team, Division 3 – John Richard Bowley

D Team, Division 4 – Gregory C Webb