Dorset League Captain’s Page

Changes for 2023-24

The Dorset League Rules were amended significantly in July 2023 for the 2023-24 season.  Areas where changes were made include (but are not limited to):

  • Postponements
  • Forfeit times, use of substitutes, the 75 point rule and board orders
  • Ratings to be used for the season
  • Penalties for exceeding rating limits in divisions other than Division 1
  • Removal of the option of a quickplay finish.

General Notes

  • Rules of chess (last checked as being current on 27/09/23):  FIDE Laws 2023. (Clarification of the rules which you may find helpful are contained in the B&DCL Captains Notes)
  • The fixtures are held on LMS

2023-24 Team Captains

Below are a list of Captains for the Dorset League. For contact details, other captains may login to LMS and access the Team Captains page. 

Division 1

Bournemouth: Daniel Miles

Dorchester A:  David Hardie

Highcliffe A: Richard Ursell

Poole A: Nick Lee

Weymouth A: Allan Pleasants

Wimborne A: Ian Clark

Yeovil: Adam Batson

Yeovil: Andrew Footner

Division 2

Dorchester B: David Aldwinckle

Dorchester C: Mark Potter

Highcliffe B: Richard Ursell

Poole B: Dragi Popovic

Purbeck A: Steve Peirson

Ringwood: Martin Clancy

Weymouth B: Malcolm Steevens

Wimborne B: John Bowley

Division 3

Dorchester D: Mark Potter

Highcliffe C: Tom Trach

Poole C: Ellis Fretwell

Purbeck B: Nick Stout

Weymouth C: Andre La Bouchardier

Wimborne C: Mike Davidson