About LMS

View fixtures and results on 1 page

The quickest way to see the fixtures for any day or period is to go to the LMS home page – and then click on “Fixtures” (2nd tab in) on the main menu bar. It is then a consolidated list of all fixtures both County League & B&DCL. Similarly “League Tables” displays all league tables across County, B&DCL & Bacchus.

Reminder the easiest way to get into LMS from the website is to click on the red tab, top right home page.

Sincere thanks to Captains who are all entering results just after matches finish, creating immediacy and significantly adding to the experience of all those interested in keeping up to date. Also the comments included are apparently very popular to give background etc

Editing LMS Information

Phil Wallace, County Grader, who manages the Dorset LMS has mentioned that:
* Club owners can make changes on LMS themselves and it does not have to be done through him
* This is in addition to entering results

In LMS terminology, an ‘existing player’ means one known to the ECF and a “new player” is a totally new one. When you have entered the data, the ‘Save’ button is at the bottom of the screen – it’s easy to overlook it! It is a good discipline to add any new player before a match, and of course, critical in the B&DCL where the Controller must be advised before the new player takes part. We would like to sincerely thank all “owners” for making the transition to LMS smooth and, especially, for adding comments in the “box” to give context and create more interest

Request for opposing team to verifying results

4 Oct. Many thanks to all Captains for prompt reporting on LMS so far, and with interesting comments in the box to add interest.

Much appreciated if results be verified by the opposing captain. It is so easy to transpose names etc and just useful check the results are accurate for grading.

LMS can be accessed from the Dorset Website home page by clicking on the red button near the top of the page.