3rd Dorset Closed Chess Championship 2022 Entrants

This page shows the list of entrants for whom payment confirmation has been received as of 17/6/22.

Allan Pleasants2116
Bruce Jenks2069
Christian Westrap2039
Mark Littleton2031
Reenen du Toit1902
Philip MaulEst 1900
Adam Ursell1873
Richard Ursell1857
Jamie Doyle1831
Chris Leeson1812
Martin Clancy1793
Nicholas Stout1769
Thomas Trach1743
Tim Jones 1718
Femi Oleyede1716
Ted Paul1706
Paul jackson1699
John Torrance1663
Ivan Willis1653
Mike Davidson1469
Finn Schell1451
Florence Spirling1437
George Wright1413
David Lewis1405
David Lane1348
Dan Ursell1064