County League Info 2019/20 – Prob Orphaned

Controller’s email sent to Club Secretaries 20 July ’10

Chess: County League and B&DCL Season 2019/20 – latest news   20 July ‘19

Quite a few club AGM’s coming up and several want to see the new grades at 1 Aug before deciding which teams to enter.

So far, these clubs have advised: –

Highcliffe – 4 teams in B&DCL, 3 in County League including Div 1 for first time

New Milton – 3 teams in B&DCL, including Div 5, but latter not shared this time with Highcliffe

Ringwood – 2 teams B&DCL, 1 County Div 1

The team set-ups below will almost certainly change after the local AGM’s, but this is the starting point as Version 1: –


County Div 1 (6)

Dorchester A

Wimborne A

Poole A

Weymouth A

Highcliffe A


County Div 2 (5)

Highcliffe B

Weymouth B

Purbeck A

Dorchester B

Dorchester C


County Div 3 (6)

Wimborne B

Wimborne C

Poole B

Dorchester D

Purbeck B

Highcliffe C

B&D 1 (6)

Southbourne A

Southbourne B

Wimborne A

Poole A

Poole B

Ringwood A

B&D 2 (6)

New Milton A

Highcliffe A

Wimborne B

Wimborne C

Bournemouth A

Southbourne C

B&D 3 (6)

Ringwood B

Poole D

Poole C

Highcliffe B

Wimborne D

New Milton B

B&D 4 (6)

Bournemouth B

Southbourne D

Wimborne E


Poole E

Highcliffe C

B&D 5 (6)

Southbourne E

Highcliffe D

New Milton C

Wimborne F

Poole F

Bournemouth C

Bacchus (East) (5)



Poole Bishops

Poole Knights


Bacchus (West)

Hoping for start 2019/20 in some form


And some notes regarding the new season for secretaries please: –

  1. Reminder Time Increments now in B&D 2, County 2 (1hr + 30 secs)
  2. “Reserve Places Model” continues to apply (B&D)
  3. League Controller should be advised Team Captains and email & phone contact details in due course
  4. League Controller should be advised lists of players for B&D in playing strength order, with at least 4 allocated to each team (B&D) in due course
  5. Highcliffe C & Southbourne E kept in respective B&D 4 & 5, to try and help these clubs not have 2 teams in each Div, but ask for feedback.
  6. Request “Owners” update Team Captain info on LMS as appropriate (only they can do this, not Phil & Mike)
  7. Need feedback from Secretaries on any dates they want avoided (e.g. for home matches) or any particular date clashes to avoid between teams in different divisions, or even in different Leagues (e.g. Purbeck)
  8. Plan to start fixtures w/c 16 Sept ’19. Bacchus fixtures will be left to last to organise
  9. Send Ringwood B&D 1, County 1 fixtures to Malcolm Peacock, Soton League to try and avoid fixture clashes
  10. Use Excel spreadsheets as drafts for fixtures both Leagues, and only put on LMS once finalised


Mike Jay 20 July ‘19