Thursday puzzle / game

White to move and win Tal has sacced a piece to reach this position. Can you finish it off from here? Solution

Thursday puzzle / game

Black to play and win Tal, playing black, finds a simple way to finish the game. Solution

Monday puzzle / game

White to play and win Over the next few weeks I will be featuring a mixture of Henri Rinck studies and Mikhail Tal game finishes. This one is a Rinck: not too hard and quite pretty. Solution

Thursday puzzle / game

White to play and win Something gentle by way of real world chess. Solution

2020 Dorset Blitz Cancelled

It is with much regret that I have decided to cancel this year’s Dorset Blitz Championship. The three main reasons are: 1. Although I understand that a couple of chess tournaments are planned for late September, I’m not entirely convinced that such a gathering is legal yet. 2. As far as I’m concerned, the Blitz […]

Monday puzzle / game

Mate in 2 The last of the chess problems (as opposed to studies or game continuations) for a while. This one is simpler than last Thursday’s but still contains a big variety of different mates. Solution

Thursday puzzle / game

Mate in 3 There is a lot going on it this classic chess problem by Anderson and Eaton, 1953. It has a theme (prevention of black checks on a5, d8 and g5, sometimes by black preventing it himself) and a wonderful variety of different mates. In the solution I have given 13 different first move […]

Monday puzzle / game

White to move and win To my eyes quite a hard study with a tricky move to find and a difficult finish to work out. Solution

Online Team Events Schedule

Martin Clancy has set the dates for the forthcoming Ringwood Invitational online team battles, all at 7:30 pm: Monday 31st August Monday 14th September Monday 28th September Monday 12th October Monday 26th October Reports on past events and the winners are here: Poole Poole Southbourne Ringwood

Thursday puzzle / game

White to move Black may have been feeling quite happy here as Nxh6 gives him strong play for his pawn. How does white burst his bubble? Solution

Ringwood win Team Battle

Ringwood win first mid-month team battle in closely run race.

Monday puzzle / game

White to move White has a commanding position. How does he capitalise on this to gain a clearly won position? Solution

Bulletin No.28 – Patzer: the Australian magazine featuring Dorset chess!

Patzer is a regular publication produced in Australia but this edition features games by local players.

Thursday puzzle / game

White to play and mate in 2 There are plenty of plausible tries here. Good hunting for the key! Solution

Monday puzzle / game

White to move Black is material up and threatens to take the pawn on e7. How does white turn the tables? Solution

Bulletin No.27 – Purbeck Chess Club Returns to Outdoor ‘over the board’ Chess

Following several months of isolation and limited over the board chess, Steve Peirson reports on the welcome return to face-to-face combat for some Purbeck Chess Club members.

Thursday puzzle / game

White to move and draw The black pawns threaten to queen but with precise play white can reach a draw. Solution

Monday puzzle / game

White to move and mate in 2 This puzzle was the starter problem in the 2020-2021 Winton British Chess Solving Championship and features four different mates on the second move. Solution

Thursday puzzle / game

White to move and mate in 3 Thanks to Christian Westrap for sending in this tricky puzzle. Solution

Monday puzzle / game

White to move What is happening in this position: White is winning? Black is winning? It’s a draw by perpetual check? Solution

Daily Quiz: Questions 1 to 50

Daily chess knowledge questions

Thursday puzzle / game

Kasparov – Andersson 1981 An 18 year old Garry Kasparov dismantles one of the world’s hardest to beat players in short order. I have not been inclined to give many grandmaster games on here but this one is not well known and is both deeply impressive and at the same time easy to understand once […]

Thursday puzzle / game

White to move What is white’s quickest route to victory? Solution

Monday puzzle / game

White to move and win Solution

Bulletin No.25 – Poole Club Chess International

Pictured above is Roy Milner, main organiser for the international trips.   Did you know? Back in the mid 1970s the first informal (and unofficial) Poole Club Chess International trip abroad took place visiting a team in Cherbourg. The name of Poole was chosen at the time to reflect that Poole was twinned with Cherbourg […]

Newsletter No. 7 is out

Nikki Forster has released Junior Newsletter number 7

Monday puzzle / game

White to move What is white’s strongest continuation? Solution

Bulletin No.23 – Correspondence Chess and the Dorset County Team

A brief history of correspondence chess in the county.

Thursday puzzle / game

White to move and win White has a great position and a number of strong continuations. However, there is one crushing move here that leads to a quick mate (maximum 10 moves). Hint: you need a bit of imagination and/or some strong logic to find the first move. Solution

Monday puzzle / game

White to move and win At first sight because the pieces have a line of symmetry it might appear that there must be two solutions to this puzzle. In fact there is only one. Solution

14th June: Coronavirus Update

Below is a message from Martin Simons regarding the coronavirus and local chess. I hope you are all keeping well. It has been almost a month since the last update on the Dorset Chess Website and this update comes in two parts. 1. League Season Update The UK Government has started to relax some of its […]

Bulletin No.22 – Chess at the Cafe Tratt in Swanage

With lots of thanks to Derek Mount and Steve Peirson who produced the article. Pictured above, left to right, are Dick Woodford, Brian Beard, Paul Stanley and Derek Mount enjoying a relaxing game of chess at Caffe Tratt. Taking inspiration from the Flirt Café in Bournemouth, in autumn 2017 Purbeck Chess Club member Derek Mount […]

Thursday puzzle / game

White to move and mate in 5 Solution

Monday puzzle / game

White to move Kasparov, playing white, has sacrificed an exchange for a pawn to reach this position. A quick glance gives the impression that black’s king is in trouble and there are a number of promising candidate moves for white. However, in fact only one move wins. Can you find it? Solution

Bulletin No.21 – History of the Dorset Individual Chess Championship

The history of the Dorset Chess Championship in words and photos, and a few introductory words on bulletins for the comings weeks and months.

Thursday puzzle / game

A few days ago we featrued one of Ian Clark’s games from the 1999 Jersey Open.   Today we have another from the same tournament.   This time Ian was white against Mike Yeo, a renowned opening theortician and tactician.   Ian does not normally shy away from tactics but against Mike he chose to play more quietly.   […]

Monday puzzle / game

Starting today and continuing at least until face-to-face chess is widely restarted in Dorset, puzzles will appear twice a week on this site, on Mondays and Thursdays. Black to move and win Solution

Welcome to Peter and Martin – as Mike retires

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Peter Anderson as Webmaster and Martin Clancy, League Controller, both appointed from tomorrow, 1 June ’20. With my retirement from chess admin today, I would just like to say it has been an honour and privilege to serve both Leagues for the last 6 years […]

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move How does white force a decisive gain of material? Once you have got the key idea for white there are a few ways to finish it off. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move. What is white’s strongest continuation? Solution

“Dorset Local Chat” – Articles 1 to 10

Dorset Local Chat N0.10 – The Dorset Rapidplay – 25 years strong and last UK Chess Tournament standing in 2020 by Martin Simons and Mike Jay   How it all started, then developed – The Tuckton Social Club years (1995 – 2012) – Martin Simons discusses these early years (pictured above Bruce Jenks playing in […]

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move. How does white gain a decisive material advantage? Solution

Online Team Challenge: 7:30 pm Thurs 4th June

As publicised elsewhere on this site, Martin Clancy of Ringwood Chess Club has organised regular online chess events for individual players. Now he has set up a team event for Thursday 4th June at 7:30 pm. As well as Ringwood, the following clubs have expressed an interest and their teams have been pre-entered by Martin […]

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and win This is a superb study with some pleasing symmetry. Solution

Bulletins 1 to 20 – Martin Simons reflects on 30 articles, 61 puzzles & 2 Towns

(Pictured above Martin Simons, Chair B&DCL and DCCA Executive Committee member. He has been the inspiration behind all the website “Bulletins” & “Dorset Chess Chats” over the last 2 months, providing interest and information during lockdown. They have required a huge amount of research and we are all very grateful to Martin. Also, as several […]

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and win This is quite a famous and pretty finish to a game played 100 years ago. However, even if you have seen if before and remember the theme can you work out all the details? You need 6 only moves in a row in the main line to force the win. […]

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to play. Mate in 2 moves. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move Black is threatening mate by Qh4/5/6 and Qh2 etc which at first sight is not easy to stop. How does white force a draw? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Today we feature another one of Ian Clark’s games, this one from the 1999 Jersey Open. Of that tournament Ian writes: “I won my first round and then played an up and coming IM in Simon Williams with black and I was whipped! I then lost to a German 2300 player in round 3. I […]

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and win Solution

Female players, your chance to represent England on 28th May!

On 28th May there will be an online event in which any and all English women and girls can represent their country.   You don’t have to fight for a place – the more on the team the better! Below is a recent post on Facebook by Jovanka Houska calls for  female chess players to participate.  […]

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move Magnus Carlsen, black, was trying to squeeze a win out of this endgame and had spent 4 minutes before playing Kh7. Can you see what the world champion had overlooked? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move What is white’s best move here? And after black’s most obvious reply what is white’s strongest follow up? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to move and win. There is only one move that wins for black in this position. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to move and win. Another elegant study. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to move. White is under attack but after something mundane like Bg4 or Qh4 he has good chances to survive and if he can reach an endgame his pawn structure could even be favourable. In the game Stephen Berry playing black found the strongest move which give him a fierce attack. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move. How does win material in this position? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and mate in 2. Simple but elegant. Many thanks to Richard Quin for sending in this problem. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to move. Black has two ways to win material in this position. Can you spot them both? (This is trickier than it looks at first sight!) Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to play and win. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to move. Black has a big advantage. What is his strongest continuation? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move. White has a good postion and has a strong forcing contiunation. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move. On the board is a well known type of pawn structure that is often objectively about level but in practice can be easier to play as black as he has the potential for dropping a knight in on d4. However, in this exact position white has a powerful tactical sequence. Solution

Remembering Tim Crouch, who “greatly supported Dorset events” – “a true legend, always courteous and gentlemanly”

The recent passing of Tim Crouch has been reported – another tragic victim of  Coronavirus. As Martin Simons has commented, “he greatly supported events in Dorset and originally came from this county”. Tim was also very well known on the chess congresses circuit across the country and was “hugely liked and respected”. His loss to the […]

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to move. White is threatening c5 with an overwhelming position. But Botvinnik, black, was eagle eyed and turned the tables on white. What did he play? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to move. Black is attacking white’s queen on b2 and his rook on f8 but in the meantime has to deal with an awkward check. How should black proceed? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and draw This puzzle is based upon a game between Martin Simons and GM Tony Miles. Martin managed to draw the game, a superb result as Miles was certainly a cut above the average GM. In this position black has a simple plan: play f5, move his K to e7, then play […]

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to play and draw White needs to pick the first right move and a strong follow up to hold this tricky position. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and win This is a superb and elegant study. It revolves around black trying to give up his rook for the e-pawn and white trying to prevent this. Enjoy! Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move Mate in 3 Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move Mate in 3 Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move What is white’s strongest and most direct continuation? Solution 

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and win With only one winning move this may look like a study but is in fact from one of Botvinnik’s games. He did not find the way to win. Can you? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and win This study packs a couple of good twists into a few moves. No prizes for the first couple of moves but can you see black’s cunning defence and white’s elegant riposte? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and win Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Ian Clark's near miss game against IM Gary Lane

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to play How does white secure a large, probably winning, advantage? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to play and win This position is from a game between Kasparov and Topalov.   The puzzle seems reasonably hard as it stands but Kasparov must have found the solution as a bare minimum 3 moves earlier.   The game is rather well known but so good that I have included it below with light notes. […]

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move White has sacced a piece for a pawn to reach this position. How does white finish off the game? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and win Like many beautiful studies this has a theme (in this case trying to stop the black a-pawn) and a twist at the end. Sort of simple but sort of tricky at the same time. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move Mate in 3 Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and win Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move Mate in 3 courtesy of Fischer. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move White only has one move to gain a significant advantage. Can you find it and the essential difficult second move follow up? A bonus point if you can guess which world champ was playing white. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move and win The previous puzzles in this sequence have been from games of either grandmasters or local players. This puzzle is a study and we will post a few more of those over the next week or two, interpsersed with game continuations. In this one be careful of stalemates! Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Wihte to move White might be able to grind out a win after b7 Qxb7 Qxa4. However, he has much stronger approach. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Wihte to move Mate in 3. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move How does white gain a decisive advantage? This is not Tal style fireworks but it is still sublimely imaginative. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move In a position that might otherwise fizzle out to a draw white has a forcing continuation. Solution The puzzles from previous days are available on the News & Results page

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move White has a commanding position. How does he finish the game quickly? Solution The puzzles from previous days are available on the News & Results page

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to play White has a big postional advantage here and he also has a decisive combination. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to play and win! Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move h5 and Qc1 are obvious choices in this position and both are good for white. But he has a much stronger continuation. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move White has an imposing position but 2 pieces under attack. What is his quickest way to finish the game? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move It looks like white is in deep trouble but in fact has a winning sequence. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move Another famous Alekhine finish and another beautiful one. Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to move White is threatening Rb8. How does black get his punch in first? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to play How does black force a quick mate? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to move White is threatning to take the black bishop on c2. How should black respond? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

Black to play and draw Black only has one move to save this position. Solution

Puzzle / game of the day

White to move Can you find mate in 5 against all defences? No prizes for the first move – it’s the second one that is harder to spot! Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to play A famous position from an Alekhine game but still a joy to look at and it may be new to some readers. How does white win quickly? Solution

Puzzle / Game of the day

White to move How does white gain a big advantage? Solution Today’s and yesterday’s puzzles were taken from the higher levels of the Junior Chess Puzzles section of this site. There are plenty of puzzles here for beginners and some for experienced players too.

Puzzle / Game of the day

Starting today, and running throughout April, we will be featuring a daily puzzle or game to keep us amused during lockdown. A fairly gentle puzzle to start with. Black to move Black is a pawn down. How does he turn the tables on white? Solution

Lichess: Ringwood make Weds evening & Fri afternoon “Open” to local clubs

26 March Update.   15 players from various clubs participated in the first Wednesday Open evening.    Read more in the results page.  The more the merrier so do consider joining the Wednesday evening or Friday afternoon sessions. 24 March ’20: Martin Clancy has reported the inaugural Ringwood club evening on Monday was fun and ran well, with 9 […]

Dorset Rapidplay attracts 48 entrants in exciting day of chess: GM Matt Turner wins

Sunday 15th March 2020 at Greyfriars, Ringwood In what might be the last chess congress nationally for some time because of the current virus crisis, the 25th Dorset Rapidplay was very competitive and had a great atmosphere. All 48 competitors went home with a prize. A record for this competition of £920 cash was paid out […]

Team Handicap KO

A date has been fixed for the Poole vs Weymouth Semi-Final

Dorset Junior Chess Championship 2020

A fantastic day of junior chess with over 50 participants from across Dorset and a few from Hampshire.

Lots of enquiries asking “what congresses are coming up?”

20 Feb: Just recently, there has been a surge of interest in regional weekend chess congresses, especially from parents, following the success of the Dorset Junior Championships last Saturday. Coming up in Dorset there is the Closed Congress at Merley on 24 May ’20. Ian Clark runs this and will be publishing information on the website in […]

B&DCL Senior Inter-School Championship

Entries now open! This annual Bournemouth & District Chess League (B&DCL) competition between senior school chess teams takes place in Term 2, with the first rounds in weeks commencing 2nd and 9th March and the final just before the Easter holiday break. We currently have Poole Grammar, Lytchett Minster School, Highcliffe School, Ringwood School and […]

3rd Simon Bartlett Memorial Congress, Torquay 24-26 Jan

27 Jan: 6 players who regularly play in Dorset league chess took part, plus Oscar Garcia, who still plays occasionally for Poole – but now lives out of the area. The event was at the sea front located Livermead House Hotel. Results can be accessed via The Open was again won by Keith Arkell. Oscar […]

Ian Clark annotates

Ian comments on one of his recent games with a pretty finish

Kevin Goater’s fantastic performance in Bucharest includes beating Russian GM

23 Nov: Dorset player Kevin Goater is achieving fantastic results in the World Seniors as reported by Allan Pleasants immediately below:- Kevin Goater is playing in the World Seniors in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. Kevin started the 11 round competition that has 20 grandmasters and many other titled players in it in fine style […]

ECF drive to encourage more women and girls to play chess

27 Nov: The ECF are strongly committed to see more women and girls playing chess, whether in a chess club, junior clubs, school or university – or just enjoying social chess in libraries and cafes etc. To this goal, they have appointed a Women’s Recruitment Officer, Tim Wall ([email protected]) Tim wrote to all chess organisers […]

3rd Dorset Closed – Postponed (was Sunday, 24 May 2020)

The 3rd Dorset Closed which was due to take place take place on Sunday 24th May 2020 has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Depending how the virus proceeds, the event may be held laterin the year at the Merley Community Centre, near Wimborne. Eligibility rules require entrants to have met at least one of these […]

Bacchus Bournemouth East will get underway from January with 3 teams & 2 “new” clubs

17 Nov: All set for an extra Bacchus division in the New Year as Southbourne, Highcliffe and Ringwood all give the go-ahead. For Highcliffe, it will be an additional team in Bacchus, whereas Southbourne and Ringwood are entering for the first time. The teams will be known as Highcliffe Castles, Southbourne Seagulls (tbc) and Ringwood Gambits. […]

54th Dorset Open 2019

Full results and a report from Ian Clark on the 54th Dorset Open

Christmas present solved?! – Game Changer is ECF Book of 2019

7 Oct: This fascinating book focusses on issues around Artificial Intelligence (AI), not only in chess but in wider society. It is written by GM Matthew Sadler and WIM Natasha Regan. They especially explore the extraordinary new software AlphaZero (AZ). There is a comprehensive collection of games. The book is said to be very readable, beautifully […]

Dave Lockwood Memorial event highly successful & fitting tribute; 37 take part

19 Aug: Excellent report from Dave Fuller on a great day of quick-play chess held Sat 17 Aug ’19 at Poole to remember Dave Lockwood (pictured immediate left) who had been such an outstanding and loyal member of Poole Chess Club. He had been a member for over 50 years and played in the Parkstone and […]

Mike Waddington games

A selection of fascinating games from one of Dorset's strongest and most active players.

ECF new grades out, but gremlin in the system has duplicated some B&DCL results; update @ 24 July

24 July: Phil has today updated his message below. He explains the grades affected should be corrected by the start of the season. And adds those players who played several games in the B&DCL Sept-Dec ’18, and had a performance about the same as their grade, will probably see no difference when the grades are corrected. It’s […]

James Forster in state of shock after winning a strong Dorset “Closed” Open at Merley, Sun 7 July

7 July: According to informed sources, James was a reluctant late entrant for the Open Championship – he felt out of practice, the season is over etc. But enter he sportingly did, fearing the worst, as the Open section was so strong. But with 3/4 he played some great chess and won – much against […]

DCCA AGM 26 June ’19 – Officers report successful season – Highcliffe achieve a cup & league “double”

27 June: All participating clubs were well represented at the Dorset County Chess Association AGM, which took place at RBL, North Road, Poole Weds 26 June. There were reports on 3 successful congresses and the 3 league divisions were well contested, with 2 newcomers, Ringwood and Highcliffe becoming champions for the first time in Divisions […]

B&DCL Rules following AGM 19 June ’19 – both summary and detail of what has changed

  Image: John Belinger, New Milton (on the right) at the AGM presentation.  Pete Donaldson, B&DCL Secretary presenting. Steven Disney was the successful captain. New Milton B had the best points and games record of any team in the 5 divisions and will play in B&D 3 next season.       These are the […]

Martin Clancy annotates

Below are three games from Martin Clancy played in local congresses, each illustrating his entertaining attacking style.

ECF: Entries invited for European Senior Team Championships in Croatia from 18-26 Sept ’19

European Senior Team Chess Championships  (taken from ECF Newsletter 8 June ’19) Stewart Reuben writes – The European Senior Team Chess Championships take place in Croatia from 17-27 September 2019.  The arrival date and registration for the event are 17 September, with play taking place every day at 15.00 from 18-26 September. Departure is 27 September.  The […]

B&DCL AGM: Weds 19 June ’19; request for any rule change proposals to be sent in soonest please

4 May ’19: Martin Simons, B&DCL Chairman role has sent out this message to club secretaries: The B&DCL AGM will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th June 2019 at the Tuckton Social Club (home venue of Southbourne Chess Club), 222 Tuckton Road BH6 3AA and all members of B&DCL clubs are welcome. It is […]

Highcliffe riding high after 3-1 win at Dorchester B secures County 2 – in debut season

12 April: Many congratulations to Highcliffe after their success last night, made possible with wins on the top 2 boards, and draws on 3 & 4. It was always going to be a key fixture, bringing together 2 strong teams and mindful Dorchester B were the one team to have beaten Highcliffe, at fortress Greystones, back in […]

Dorset Rapidplay 24 March at Greyfriars, Ringwood: 63 take part and 6 share 1st place with 5/6

Everyone took home a prize from this 24th Dorset Rapidplay, superbly run by Controller Martin Simons with Assistant Controller Graham Morris. There were 29 cash prize winners, including 13 for winning grading sections and a team prize. £648.24 was paid out. It was the strongest ever Rapidplay, and that was reflected in 6 players sharing first place pictured (and […]

Monthly grading moves closer as ECF embarks on consultation process

The ECF is consulting about grades being calculated and published monthly instead of twice a year. Details are on the ECF website, but the main document is reproduced below. There is also a suggestion to adopt the Elo system, so that would mean 4 digit grades, instead of 3. The move to monthly grading lists […]

Poole Knights 4.5 Poole Bishops 1.5 – Bacchus – “kids hog the limelight!”

Tarik reports on 17 Jan: Poole Knights names first Graham Morris 0.5 – 0.5 Steve Bailey Harry Rowbotham 1 – 0 Teo Borsa Ben Howard 1 – 0 Josh Leggatt Zack Little 1 – 0 Felix Wyatt Samuel Williams 0 – 1 Jamie Doyle Matthew Bailey 1 – 0 Jake Doyle POOLE KNIGHTS 4.5 POOLE […]

13 Jan: Wessex teams all lose on Sunday, but still doing well in 4NCL

Sunday: Something of a reversal of fortunes compared with the success of the day before – this time, Wessex A, B & C all lost. In 2B round 4, Wessex A lost to Grantham Sharks (2) by 2.5-5.5. But following promotion they are holding their own well with 2/4 and sit mid-table Wessex B & […]

When do the ECF charge Game Fees for grading non-members?

From time to time clubs ask for clarification on this. The actual ECF ruling, as applicable to Leagues like ours, is given below from their website. The current annual ECF membership fee for Bronze Membership is £16. Non ECF members are allowed to play up to 3 games in any one League without the ECF […]


This article looks back on the history of NewsKnight which was founded by Alan Dommett and Martin Simons in 1993 and ran for 13 to bring us chess news.

4NCL Sun 18 Nov ’18 Div 4 (South) – Wessex B storm to another big win; Wessex C win and draw in same day

Wessex B had an incredibly successful weekend. They followed up their 5-1 win on Saturday going even better on Sunday – beating CSC 3 by 5.5-0.5! And this time Wessex C had a better day themselves, in 2 reduced boards matches – beating Oxford 4 by 2-1. With a different team, they drew with Barnet Knights […]

2nd Dorset Blitz – 30 competitors & big success; Further Steve report + cross-tables + photo links

Organiser Steve Peirson reports on a most successful day on Sun 16 Sept ’18 at Furzebrook, nr Wareham “Everything went very well – we had 3 groups of 10 players and we extended the time limit to 10 mins + 5 sec increment. These are the prize winners:-         Group A (please see […]

2 Towns 12 Sept: Poole 17 Bournemouth 12; 1st Poole win in 4 years – Martin: “Great evening, well done Poole!” Score details

Please note results details at foot of this report 12 Sept. Poole Captain Eric Sachs Reports: On a most enjoyable night as the season commenced with  the traditional curtain raiser, Poole beat Bournemouth 17-12 to win the trophy for the first time in 4 years. Quote from the losing captain Martin Simons “it was a great night, […]

24 thoroughly enjoy Southbourne 10 sec competition; Bruce wins with 6/7 but Reenen & Grzegorz close behind

“Fun” 10 Second Buzzer Tournament Results on Fri 7 Sept ’18, Tuckton Martin writes Good turnout, 24 players. Pleasing to see players from other clubs and also some people who don’t normally play. Great fun, everyone enjoys the buzzer (I think!). Bruce Jenks (180) was in good form to win with 6 points out of […]

Steve Bailey reports on Barbados VI cricket tour

UK Women’s Visually Impaired Cricket Team – Barbados Tour, 5-15 July ’18 Steve coaches England to series win Written by Steve Bailey 18 visually impaired women with an age group range of 15-70 and 4 visually impaired coaches of which Steve Bailey (Dorset Dolphins Coach and Captain) was Head Coach. (Steve, of course is also an active member […]

Poole AGM honours members’ success in winning 5 trophies in 8 months; Bournemouth Echo report 1 Aug

This photo was taken at the recent Poole AGM. Chair Eric Sachs commented “I would like to mention it is not intended to highlight trophy and glory hunting for Poole; the intention is to record the success and connection with all members at the club and chess in the area to increase the profile”. On […]

ECF July ’18 Grades are out!

Thurs 26 July: link This link will appear on the top menu bar through the season. Under the rules of both the County League and B&D, only a few grades of course, change at 1 Jan. Typically, these are grades that were estimated, shown as “L” for local, at the start of the season. […]

Highcliffe Castles win Keith Bateman Memorial Trophy; Final Table

24 players in 6 teams from Salisbury, Highcliffe & Ringwood, including players from Southbourne, packed into the White Hart Ringwood Thurs night, 5 July. They were taking part in the inaugural Keith Bateman Memorial Trophy. It was excellently planned, organised and run by Ringwood’s Pete Donaldson, who in his opening welcome remembered the life of popular Keith […]

Big attendance at B&DCL AGM, 12 June – Poole honoured

There were special congratulations at the AGM for Poole who won 3 of the 4 B&DCL Divisions they entered, plus the Handicap Team KO Cup. It was an outstanding performance. Pictured here on behalf of Poole, Michael Duggan (centre) and Eric Sachs (right) with Pete Donaldson presenting the Div 1 Championship board. Highcliffe A were congratulated […]

Dorset League hold AGM 20 June @ Poole

Main picture Weymouth’s Chris Johns (on the left) presenting the Div 1 Championship board to winners Wimborne A & Ian Clark. Ian received the board on behalf of Wimborne A Captain Mark Littleton. The AGM was told by Treasurer Steve Peirson that the Association had made a surplus in the year to 31 May ’18, helped by […]

Good support for cricketer Steve Bailey

Poole hosted a final charity evening last Thursday before Steve Bailey departs for the West Indies this week (2 July) and collected an impressive £70. Around 20 attended a fun evening, including new juniors plus a Russian family. This follows Poole’s highly successful and earlier fund-raising to enable Steve to take part in the cricket coaching and matches […]

Mike Waddington success in Bristol Open 15-17 June ’18

Mike has reported he shared 1st place (£300) with IM Alan Merry last weekend, with 4.5/5 and ahead of a strong field that included “such luminaries as GM Keith Arkell”. Very well done to Mike who has an excellent record of weekend congress successes. Our own 53rd Dorset Open is in Bournemouth, this October and […]

Time Increments – Trial in Div 1 of both Leagues proposed

21 May. An update appears in the last paragraph of the feature item in the column alongside. Since it was posted for information some months ago, there have been unexpectedly high levels of opinion and feedback, including at Committee of both Leagues. Essentially stronger players, specifically Div 1 of both County & B&DCL generally want to […]

GDPR 25 May ’18 – Letter to club members, Congress information and Privacy Policy

To comply with the new regs we have been created a permission letter for clubs to send to their members.  Also, there is a statement covering congresses run by Dorset County Chess Association on how personal information is used and this will be included in all entry forms etc. Both documents appear under “GDPR” on the “Links” […]

Wimborne D 2 Highcliffe B 2, B&DCL Div 3; Wimborne F 1 Poole D 3, B&DCL Div 4; Poole C Champions Div 3 & Poole D lead Div 4 – what a night for Poole!

16 May. It was a night to remember for Poole Chess Club! Not only did their A team win Div 1, but by Wimborne D dropping a point at home to Highcliffe B it meant Poole C cannot be caught at the top, so they become Div 3 Champions. So very well done to Poole C on […]

Poole A 2.5 Wimborne B 1.5, B&DCL Div 1; Poole A become champions after Wimborne B nearly pull off shock result! “Phew!”

16 May. Very well done to Poole who are crowned Div 1 champions after an incredibly close match with Wimborne B. As Eric Sachs reports below, Poole had to battle back after going 0-1 behind to a Jorgen Nielsen win on board 4 and to their credit, Wimborne B fought all the way and the […]

Bournemouth B 1.5 Wimborne C 2.5, B&DCL Div 2; Wimborne fall just short, so many congratulations to Highcliffe A on their promotion to Div 1!

16 May. This was a close match. Jorgen Nielsen and Steve Culleton won on boards 2 & 4 for Wimborne, board 3 was drawn and on top board Ivan Willis gained a full point for Bournemouth. Aggregate grades were Bournemouth 524, Wimborne 565. Unfortunately for the Wimborne team, they needed a bigger win to overtake Highcliffe A, […]

Highcliffe C 1 Wimborne E 3; B&DCL Div 4; Wimborne E lead in Div 4 title chase, but Wimborne F safe

14 May. The result was beneficial to the 2 Wimborne teams in Div 4. For E, it put them back on top with just 1 match to go – a crucial encounter at Poole D on 24 May. The position at the top is so close, with 4 teams separated by just 2 league points, so […]

Poole A 1.5 Wimborne A 2.5, B&DCL Div 1; Wimborne A now top table, but Poole A have crucial match in hand

14 May. Several Championships this season across B&DCL & County are being settled between the Poole and Wimborne clubs. In this important match Wimborne’s narrow win put them as new league leaders, but they have now completed their programme. There were 3 draws, but the crucial outcome was on board 3 where Eddie Barker (Wimborne) […]

Ringwoood A 3.5 Bournemouth A 0.5, B&DCL Div 2; Highcliffe A on the brink of historic promotion to Div 1

14 May. This defeat for near challengers Bournemouth A means Highcliffe A are almost assured of playing in the top flight next season. But the result does leave Wimborne C with an outside chance. Bournemouth deserve credit for competing especially well both this season and last, coming close to promotion themselves. In this match Kenny Harman, Peter Donaldson […]

Southbourne A 3.5 Wimborne B 0.5, B&DCL Div 1; Southbourne win again, but Wimborne relegated

11 May. Southbourne Captain Martin Simons reported “a competitive match, closer than the score suggests”. His interesting and comprehensive report appears on LMS: and is well worth a read Meanwhile, the loss confirms Wimborne B are relegated to Div 2 next season, where they seem certain to be one of the frontrunners. Southbourne A are experiencing a season of […]

B&DCL Fixture Change – Div 4

Poole D are now playing their home game with Wimborne E on Thurs 24 May. This was originally scheduled for 1 Mar

New Milton B 2.5 Highcliffe B 1.5, B&DCL Div 3; New Milton finish season promisingly

8 May. New Milton B were just short of staying up, finishing 1 point behind Ringwood B. But they only lost 1 match out of their last 4, winning 2 and also their team has experienced new recruits. So all promises well for next season, when they are likely to be one of the front […]

Thursday morning chess in Swanage – a success story thanks to Derek Mount!

Eric Sach’s photo is a good reminder of the very successful informal chess sessions now running in Swanage High Street, every Thursday morning from 10.15am. This excellent project was the idea of Purbeck Chess Club member Derek Mount

3 hour epic final to Highcliffe Club Championship – Christian is new champion, Adam worthy runner-up

In a long game, described by Richard Ursell as “nip and tuck”, Christian Westrap beat Adam Ursell at the Highcliffe club last night (12 Mar). But it was apparently a superb effort by both players, and one of the classic games of the Highcliffe season. So many congratulations to Christian on becoming Highcliffe Club Champion. Adam […]

Derik Needham – Tony Buckfield remembers & Patrica Needham gives details of service at Merley to celebrate Derik’s life

Dear Tony, David and all other Members,  I am very sorry to have to tell you that Derek died on Friday 19 January.   I am so pleased that he managed to get to Thursday morning chess clubs so often before he became too unwell to make it any more.   He greatly enjoyed the friendship and […]

2017 Chess Reflections – by Martin Simons

Martin looks back on a successful 2017 for local chess.

Southbourne Christmas Handicap had an excellent 29 entries and 45 prizes! Fun evening. Bruce catches Grzegorz. Great end to 2017!

The 2017 Southbourne Christmas Quickplay Handicap Chess Tournament had its best turnout for over 10 years with 29 entries.  Grzegorz Sawicki was the sole leader from an early stage and the one to chase.  After establishing a one point lead he was eventually caught by Bruce Jenks in the last round after Bruce managed to […]

2 Towns Match 13 Sept ends as exciting 14-14 draw – after tense final game between Tim Joyce & Rob Davenport!

Martin Simons reports on a great evening last night at Poole:- With teams evenly balanced, it was an exciting evening, real end to end stuff and a great opening season curtain raiser!  Due to the closeness of the individual matches, most players stayed to the bitter end to watch nervously as the individual results came […]

18 enjoy a buzzer evening at Southbourne

There was good support for this 10 second buzzer competition run, and jointly won by Martin Simons. Grzegorz Sawicki also shared 1st place. 12 Southbourne members and 6 from other clubs. Especially good to see Bruce Jenks back playing competitive chess. Results:- Southbourne Chess Club 10 second Buzzer Tournament Friday 8th September 2017 Pos Name […]

British Chess Championship Llandudno – Final Day (6 Aug)

Dorset players record 1 win, 1 draw, and 1 loss day 9 Allan Pleasants returned to form in the Championship beating Katherine Shepherd (1929) to finish with 4/9. Mike Waddington had a tough final round opponent losing to IM Jack Rudd (2252). Mike scored 3.5/9 And in the Major Open 18 years old James Forster (Southbourne) […]

Bridport Chess Club closes

Sad news the County League is losing an established club Falling membership and consequent problems fulfilling fixtures has resulted in Bridport closing forthwith (posted 3 Aug ’17). Last season Bridport managed to complete the season, but were not having regular club nights. Several members are said to be joining Dorchester and Weymouth. Club Chairman Malcolm Steevens […]

Allan Pleasants beats IM in round 10 – Cardiff International event

White has just played 27.Qg4, it’s Allan Pleasants (black) to move It’s quite clear Allan enjoys playing chess in Wales, and Cardiff in particular! On his previous visit, at Easter, he became Welsh Champion. Then, is a very strong International event, also in Cardiff, he finished 5th out of 54, with the outstanding score of 6.5/10. This […]

Fridolin Maier Success

Fridolin Maier has represented Highcliffe School with distinction having played Chess on board 1 in the Inter Schools Cup winning all his games. Apart from representing the School, Fridolin has also played for Highcliffe Chess Club playing board 1 for their B team. He has helped the Club to secure third place in the Division […]

Dorset has a National Chess Champion! pl click

Allan Pleasants wins the Welsh Chess Championships, Cardiff, Easter 2017!! Allan has won the Welsh Chess Championship with some superb play, including a last round brilliancy. He scored 6/7 and was unbeaten throughout the Championship. On behalf of everyone associated with Dorset chess, many congratulations Allan – we are very proud to have a National Champion in […]

Allan Pleasants’ positional masterpiece

Here is Allan's flawless game from Jersey Open, round 6, 5 April 2017.

“Dorset” magazine article on 2016 British Championship

An excellent article on the 2016 British Chess Championships appeared in the July edition of the Dorset Magazine. Helen Styles, the Editor, has very kindly given permission for the article to be reproduced on this website. Jeremy Miles, the writer of the article, has also generously given his consent. We want to extend thanks to […]

2016 British Championship Summary

Martin Simons, Ian Clark & Alan Dommett Ian Clark announces the chess board prize Martin presents to Michael Adams & to British Women’s title winner Jovanka Houska Every day of the British Championships Martin produced reports of how local players had fared plus analysis of some of the games. This attracted much interest, especially the […]

Keith Gregory triumphs in Dorset Rapidplay – 13 March ’16

Keith Gregory (Fareham) was in fine form at Ringwood, winning the 21st Dorset Rapidplay with 5.5/6. The Rapidplay trophy will be held by the runners-up, Osca Garcia (Poole) and Kevin Goater (Dorchester). Graham Willetts (Wimborne) & Kenny Harman (Ringwood) share the Veterans Cup. There were 26 prize winners and 51 entrants

2016 Dorset Open – Alan Dommett analyses

The 51st Dorset Open Congress was run in Bournemouth the weekend of 2-4 December 2016. The Organiser was Ian Clark. Here, Alan Dommett comprehensively analyses 8 games across the Open, Major, Intermediate & Minor Sections. In the 8th and last game Alan congratulates 88 year old James Wallman, who lives in Dorset and is the […]