Poem No.1 – In Praise of (Li)Chess

Over the summer months Christine Roberts (Poole) will be delighting and entertaining us with her chess poems. This first one covers her experiences of playing chess online – a useful distraction during Lockdown!

Lockdown comes – what do I do
when I’m alone and feel duress?
I’ve dug the garden, cleaned the loo.
I know, I’ll have a game of chess.

Lots of time to sort my stuff:
I have too much, I need far less.
Shall I tidy, clear some fluff?
No, I’ll go and click on ‘chess’.

The hours, days and weeks go by;
I look around and see the mess.
Shall I clear up? Aghh, I sigh
Better choice? A game of chess.

Lockdown ends, I’m free at last.
Listen closely, I’ll confess…
I didn’t step out very fast,
but had another game of chess!

Copyright © Christine Roberts 2021

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