Over the summer months Christine Roberts is delighting and entertaining us with her chess poems. This final one provides us with fond memories on how we used to greet each other at the start of the season.

Since two years now, do you remember
that yearly night in late September?
We grouped together in the Fall,
chess men and women, one and all.

The day drawn in, the evening dark,
we couldn’t find a place to park!
But once we did, we went inside
with local friends almost collide.

We’d bob and weave to say hello
until Controller said “let’s go”
Then over boards we’d fiercely fight,
each team would try to win the night.

Are you wond’ring what I mean,
struggling hard to place the scene?
Here’s the answer, quickly catch,
it’s all about the Two Towns’ match.

Copyright © Christine Roberts 2021

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