Poole Win Quiet Team Battle

It may have been the anniversary of the first Team Battle but it was the quietest to date with New Milton and West Dorset Jedi absent.   There were just 17 players and four teams involved.  Perhaps this is the combined effect of lockdown easing, the nice weather and the partial return of normal chess.

Regardless, Poole marched on, with Richard Allis scoring 32 points, ably abetted by Oscar Garcia, John Weatherlake and Zander Booth. They didn’t even need the services of Mike Duggan who was off playing tennis!

Ringwood and Southbourne had a good tussle for second, with Southbourne leading for much of the battle, only to be overtaken near the end.

Click on the table below for the full results.

List of Winners

7/6/21 Poole
24/5/21 Poole
10/5/21 Poole
26/4/21 Poole
12/4/21 Poole
29/3/21 Poole
15/3/21 West Dorset Jedi
1/3/21 Poole
15/2/21 Southbourne
1/2/21 Poole
18/1/21 Poole
4/1/21 Southbourne
21/12/20 Southbourne
7/12/20 Poole
24/11/20 Poole
9/11/20 Poole
26/10/20 Southbourne
12/10/20 Poole
28/9/20 Poole
14/9/20 Southbourne
31/8/20 Southbourne
17/8/20 Ringwood
27/7/20 Southbourne
29/6/20 Poole
4/6/20 Poole

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