Southbourne Win Final Team Battle

Last night there was the final Team Battle organised by Martin Clancy. Sadly, Martin could not participate himself because of internet problems.  As last time, only 18 players participated but nonetheless an enjoyable evening was had.

Having won the previous event on tie-break, Southbourne won this one in clear-cut fashion, seventeen points ahead of their nearest rival.  They took an early lead and never really looked like being caught.  They were led by Jamie Doyle on 24 points, who was the evening’s highest scorer and had a rating performance of 2299.

Ringwood had only two players but despite that came second, albeit by just one point.  Adam Ursell notched up 20 points and an excellent performance rating of 2357.

Poole were in third, playing their usual highly combative chess, closely followed by West Dorset Jedi, playing their usual sophisticated chess!

Many players last night expressed how much they had enjoyed the team battles, so all that remains is to thank Martin, on behalf of us all, for organising them!

Click on the table below for the full results.

List of Winners

19/7/21 Southbourne
5/7/21 Southbourne
21/6/21 Poole
7/6/21 Poole
24/5/21 Poole
10/5/21 Poole
26/4/21 Poole
12/4/21 Poole
29/3/21 Poole
15/3/21 West Dorset Jedi
1/3/21 Poole
15/2/21 Southbourne
1/2/21 Poole
18/1/21 Poole
4/1/21 Southbourne
21/12/20 Southbourne
7/12/20 Poole
24/11/20 Poole
9/11/20 Poole
26/10/20 Southbourne
12/10/20 Poole
28/9/20 Poole
14/9/20 Southbourne
31/8/20 Southbourne
17/8/20 Ringwood
27/7/20 Southbourne
29/6/20 Poole
4/6/20 Poole

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