1st round KO Cup complete: Wimborne join Weymouth, Poole & Highcliffe in round 2

Dorset Team Handicap Tournament

19 Feb: Wimborne continued the pattern for big scoring wins in the 1st round, succeeding 5.5-0.5 last night at Winton. Roy Egglington reports that Wimborne had needed to win at least 4.5-1.5 due to a significant grading advantage (872 to 741). Well done to both teams.

Since their successful move to Winton Liberal Club at the start of the season, Bournemouth’s membership and playing strength has grown – for example, they also had a “B” team playing away to New Milton “C” last night in B&D 5. And so did Wimborne, with their “C” taking on B&D 2 leaders New Milton “A”. As it happens,  New Milton A and Bournemouth A have been the top 2 teams in B&D 2 nearly all season. New Milton A are unbeaten. Bournemouth A have only lost once – away to New Milton A. The teams meet in the return fixture next month.

KO Cup Bth v Wim Rnd 1

LMS is the place to see results and the Captains’ reports and the extract below is from LMS, which can be accessed by clicking on the red button at the top of our website home page.

And here is part of the email Organiser Martin Simons sent out to announce the 1st round.

Last year’s winners – Highcliffe

The 1st named team has the choice of venue.

In view of the likely traditional poorer winter weather conditions I have once again regionalised the pairings for the 1st round to help reduce travelling for the away team.  I have also ensured that teams have been paired against a different team than in any of their knockout matches played last season.

Please can you ensure all matches are played by Friday, 28th February 2020.  This gives you 7 weeks to play the match. Please remember that you can select a different average team grade for each of the rounds without penalty so this will mean there is no pressure to play the same 6 players in each round and also gives each club more flexibility when selecting teams. The handicap system is designed to give clubs who play with a lower average team grade a sporting chance to win the match.

Could all home captains please contact the away captain within 7 days to agree a date. Please can you let me have the agreed details once they are known so these can be added to LMS. Please contact me if you are having any problems or if you have any questions.

I attach the latest set of rules and a match scoresheet (please familiarise yourselves with rule 7 on tie breaks). Please remember only grades at the start of the season are to be used (i.e. July 2019).  if you can, please use only players with an ECF A to E grade as these are more reliable. If you intend to use a player with an F or local grade then please contact me prior to the match (we can then use the player’s January 2020 A to E grade or, if there isn’t one, an agreed estimated grade). Rule 3 has been amended to reflect this.

Match results can be reported on LMS and I am happy to receive the results too.

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