2024 Dorset Closed – More Interesting Games & Unusual Blunders


Today we bring you some more entertaining chess from the recent Dorset Closed:

  • Two more well played games and…
  • Four unusual blunders!

More Interesting Games

A Crisp Miniature

First up is Steve Pierson vs Len Laker.  Steve shows excellent judgement in offering a pawn for the initiative in the opening, leading to a 17 move win.

Dancing Queens

Next is Jamie Doyle vs Eddie Barker. This contains an interesting sequence of moves as Eddie tries to swap off queens and Jamie tries to keep them on the board. The engines will tell you Black was doing well but the position was easier to play as White. Gradually Jamie got the upper hand and finished the game with some incisive moves.

Unusual Blunders

We all blunder from time to time but the following blunders taken from the Open section are a little unusual!

You never draw (or win) by resigning!

In the following 3rd round Open game between Christian Westrap and Bill Adaway, the following position was reached.

Christian sees his chance to play 42.Rd8+. Bill analysed 42…Kh7 then 43.Qd3+ g6 44.Rd7+ wins the queen and if 42…Kf7 then 43.Rd7+ wins the queen.

Bill therefore resigned. What did he miss?

Answer – Bill missed that Christian’s queen can also be taken after 42…Kf7 43.Rd7+ Kg8! 44.Rxc7 Rxd4 when the position is a comfortable draw!

Forgetting the en-passant rule!

In the following 4th round Open game between Allan Pleasants and Christian Westrap, Christian sees a good defensive plan.

He plays 38…Bh4 39.Rh1 g5? forgetting that Allan can simply play 40.hxg6 en passant! Had Christian retreated the bishop on move 39 to e7 or f6 the position would have been level. However, the game is now over. 40…Bg5 41.fxg5 fxg6 42.Bxd5 Rf8+ 43.Kg2 exd5 44.Re7 and Christian resigned.

Missing an unusual move!

In the following 4th round Open game between John Weatherlake and Mike Waddington in a very unusual opening, Mike sees a plan to overprotect his f-pawn.

He plays 7…Qe7 intending to meet 8.Nd5 with 8…Qg7 and everything is guarded. What did he miss?

Answer – Mike missed 8.Bxg8! Rxg8 9.Nd5 when John wins the exchange and a pawn. Mike bravely played on for another 20 moves but he could have resigned here.

Goading a player into a piece sacrifice which is accepted!

In the following 4th round Open game between Finn Schell and Steve Peirson, the following position was reached.

Steve does not think the sac of the bishop on g6 is winning so he plays 21…Bd7 goading Finn to take on the challenge which he does! (21…Rg7 would have been the best defence which may hold) 22.Bxg6! hxg6 23.Qxg6+ Rg7 (the move Steve thought would hold) 24.Qh5! (other moves also win) Be8 25.Qh8+ Kf7 26.g6+ Ke7 27.Qxg7+ Kd8 28.Qf6+ and Steve resigned.

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