52nd Dorset Open Congress Report

Report Dorset 52nd Open Congress 13-15 October 2017

Report by Congress Controller Ian Clark 19 Oct ‘17

The Congress had a very good entry with 110 players in total. Thanks go to Geoff Gammon for his professional controlling and also for him inputting results live online at chess-results.com . Full cross tables and results are now available. Please click: http://www.chess-results.com/tnr303143.aspx?lan=1&art=0&wi=821

The Open was the strongest ever with Gabor Horvath playing extremely well and retaining his title, including beating IM Alan Merry. Mike Waddington won the Dorset Championship on tie break.

In the Major, John Weatherlake had a tremendous tournament with 4 wins and a draw in the last round. However, as he is ungraded, he unfortunately could not win 1st prize and Ian Cross, whom he drew with in the last round, wins his first Major with 4 points. Oliver Stubbs was third and was also best performance by a junior. Peter Manning won the Dorset trophy on tie break after starting well with 2 wins.

The Intermediate was extremely close with 8 players on 3 points before the last round. There was a three way tie for 1st between Thomas Evans, Ray Hunt and Richard Smith – Richard also won the Dorset Trophy.

The Minor was very close, but Michael Pope was ahead throughout and drew in the last round for 4.5 points. There was a 4-way tie for second on 4 points, including Christine Roberts and Joseph Wikramaratna-Clarke (known as Sepp), who share the Dorset Trophy.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the weekend, with the Elmstead Hotel being a popular venue and we hope to go back there next year. Due to the good entry, the total prize money paid out of £2,200 is £500 above that shown on the entry form. List of prize winners:-


First                        G. Horvath                         4.5

Second                   A. Merry                             4.0

Third                      M. Fernandez                    3.5

Under 190

M.Duggan                           3.0

M.Littleton                          3.0

P. Anderson                        3.0

Under 170          

J.Forster                              2.5

I. Deswarte                          2.5

M.Clancy                             2.5


MAJOR (Under 160)

First                       J. Weatherlake                 4.5 (Ungraded and cannot win 1st prize)

Second                  I. Cross                             4.0

Third=                   B. O’Gorman                     3.5

Third=                  J. Fewkes                           3.5 (Also Under 147 grading prize)

Third=                  O. Stubbs                           3.5 (Also Best Junior)

Grading (Under 140)

P.Manning                       2.5

I. Matthew                       2.5



First=                     T. Evans                         4.0

First=                     R. Hunt                          4.0

First=                     R. Smith                        4.0

Grading (Under 127)

T. Joyce                          3.5

Grading (Under 120)

D. Cole                           3.0


MINOR (Under 115)

First                       M. Pope                         4.5

Second= J. Wikramaratna-Clarke           4.0

Second=             W. Taplin                        4.0

Second=             C. Roberts                      4.0

Second=             D. Lambton                   4.0

Grading (Under 100)

H. Welch                        3.5

Grading (Under 90)

D. Lane                          3.0