Browser Settings for Interactive Boards

If interactive game boards are not  being displayed properly it is probably  because your browser is blocking all third party cookies.  Below are two images, one of a page with boards working correctly and one of the same page with them not working.  The difference is caused by browser settings.

Page with working browser settings
Page with non-working browser settings

As of October 2020 the default settings in Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari all display the boards correctly.   However, if the defaults have been altered to strengthen security on your device to a higher than normal level then the games may only appear as text, as shown in the right hand image.

To put your browser settings back to normal to allow the boards to appear you can follow the instructions below.  These instructions have been verified for the current versions Chrome, Edge and Firefox under Windows 10 as of October 2020. The instructions regarding Safari have not been verified but have been taken from reliable sources on the internet, including the Apple website.


From the menu in the top right-hand corner pick Settings and then:

  • Pick Privacy and Security
  • Pick Cookies and other site data
  • In the right-hand pane the first thing you will see is General settings with four options
  • Click on Block third-party cookies in Incognito


From the menu in the top right-hand corner pick Settings and then:

  • From the left-hand pane pick Site permissions
  • From the right-hand pane pick Cookies and site data
  • Then in the right-hand pane the second line will be Block third party cookies.  Turn this off using the slider on the right.


From the menu in the top right-hand corner pick Options and then:

  • In the left-hand pane pick Privacy & Security
  • In the right-hand pane under Enhanced Tracking Protection click either Standard (the default) or Strict

Note you can with the Custom setting uncheck Cookies and this should work but would give you weaker protection against tracking than either Standard or Strict.


From the main menu:

  • Pick Safari
  • Pick Preferences from the drop down menu
  • Pick the Privacy icon on the menu that appears at the top
  • Next to Cookies and Website Data there are 4 options.  Pick Allow from websites I visit
  • Visit and/or look at one of the solutions to our Monday/Thursday puzzles.