Bulletin No.73 – Local Games: A Stunning Novelty and 2 Black Kingside Attacks

Today we feature a brilliant opening sac that was way ahead of its day, and two attacks against the castled white king.  Plenty of blood all round!

A Stunning Novelty!

When Martin Clancy played this game in 2005 the idea of Nd5 in the Morra was basically unknown and must have given his opponent quite a shock.  It was  inventive, courageous and strong, and led to a very entertaining game!

A Vicious Attack!

David Fuller sacs an exchange and goes on a king hunt. Join his journey with his usual lively commentary!

Active Pieces are Good Pieces!

This game is a great example of the strength of the initiative.  Kevin Goater uses superior piece activity to overwhelm a strong opponent.  We pick the game up at move 18.

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