Chandlers Ford join team battle, Southbourne win.

Chandlers Ford join team battle, Southbourne win.

An excellent night in the team battle as Chandlers Ford joined in for the first time.

The consensus before the battle started was that it could be a close run evening.   In the end Southbourne romped it, winning by a clear 18 points.   That did not stop it being exciting as the contest for second and third places was very tight.   In the end West Dorset Jedi pulled away to claim second and Ringwood edged out Poole (who were without Oscar Garcia and only had Richard Allis for three games) by just one point to take third.

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List of Winners

15/2/21 Southbourne
1/2/21 Poole
18/1/21 Poole
4/1/21 Southbourne
21/12/20 Southbourne
7/12/20 Poole
24/11/20 Poole
9/11/20 Poole
26/10/20 Southbourne
12/10/20 Poole
28/9/20 Poole
14/9/20 Southbourne
31/8/20 Southbourne
17/8/20 Ringwood
27/7/20 Southbourne
29/6/20 Poole
4/6/20 Poole