Daily Quiz Questions – Halloween Special!

It is trick or treat!
The wicked witches are descending all over Dorset this evening and
hoping to cast their spells on those who are not up to the task.
Below is a collection of 6 very sinister and spooky chess puzzles that they have set.
Can you solve them all before midnight and avoid being caught in their devilish trap?
Answers will be provided next Saturday, 7th November.
Good luck!

1. There are no ghosts on this board, just zombies blocking the way.
What is the only White move that fails to give mate?

2. The creepy old Black witch has just played her move. What did she do?

3. Ghosts invent their own rules.
There are 3 ways White can take back a move then give mate but c
an you find all of them?

4. Many ghosts are neither harmful nor dangerous, some are even kind and generous.
It’s Black to move first and help White to mate in 4 moves.
Can you do it without promoting Black’s h-pawn on the first move?

5. This one is very eerie as ghosts can roam around in different dimensions!
It’s White to move and mate in 1. No chess engine at the moment can solve this one.

Hint: think outside the box.

6. Never upset a ghost by copying its actions. Black has agreed in this game to mirror White’s moves.
A bad choice as there are now 3 ways for White to mate in 4 but can you find them?

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