Dorset Closed 2018 Results

1st Dorset Closed One Day
1st July 2018
I Clark 2.5
Under 185 Barker E 2.0
P Wilcock 2.5
First G. HILLMAN 2.5
Second R. Smith 2.0
A Tyler 2.0
J Wikramararatna- Clarke 2.0
Second C Roberts 2.0
Second and Under 96 Grade T McCullagh 2.0
Second and Under 96 Grade D Lane 2.0

This is the story of the 1st Dorset Closed and with all the scores in a table at the foot of this column

Mike Waddington Dorset Closed Winner 2018
Mike Waddington won the Closed outright after beating Ian Clark in a play-off 2-1. Earlier Mike and Ian had finished =1st with 2.5/3 each


A successful, if not very demanding Dorset Closed in a new one day format took place at Merley on Sunday, 1 July ’18. Mike Waddington (pictured on the right above) receiving the Championship cup from runner-up & DCCA Chairman Ian Clark. The Championship went to a quick-play finish between Mike & Ian ending at 1-1, so decided with an Armagedden finish game, which Mike won on time.







Richard Urell Dorset Closed Major winner


It was similarly close in the Major with Peter Wilcock and Richard Ursell tied 2/3 after the 3 rounds. And a quick-play in the play-off resulting in 1 win each. Richard was successful in the Armagedden finish game and so became County Major Champion.

Richard pictured on the right, with Ian Clark




Graham Hillman Intermediate winner


Graham Hillman won the Intermediate with 2.5/3.

No play-off needed in this section.

Graham pictured on the left, with Ian Clark




Frrank Hamilton-Taylor Minor winner


And finally, Frank Hamilton-Taylor became Minor Champion after succeeding in round 3 against Christine Roberts in a game which saw both players with winning possibilities. Strong endgame play in a knight and pawns finish from Frank saw him home after Christine, at one stage, looked the more likely winner.

No play-off needed in this section.

Frank, on the right with Ian Clark

With special thanks to Ian Clark for the challenging task of overall organising and initiating the need for the Closed to be run, after an absence, in a different and more modern format. Also grateful thanks to Martin Simons who played a significant role in the structuring and design of this new Closed competition. Martin also provided the excellent hot lunch, which is an immense challenge – so much so, he was only able to actually play one game himself. Additionally Martin acted as Controller for the deciding quick-play finishes in the Championship & Major. And finally Graham Morris was an efficient and well organised Controller and who produced a much admired wall chart showing accumulative scores (below).

Merley Community Hall Dorset Closed 010718

There was very positive feedback about the spacious hall at Merley, the home of Wimborne Chess Club. Lots of positives including adjournment areas, ample parking and large kitchen facility.

Steve Peirson took this photo (left) which captures the scene well and many others, all of which can be seen by clicking on this link



Wimborne Chess Club very kindly lent equipment, prepared the hall for the event and closed things down at the end.

Special thanks for the cooperation and goodwill of Barry Jolly who agreed to play in the Major to even numbers up, when he originally entered the Intermediate.

Phew! It was a long day with very warm weather. The outcome of the Championship and Major came down almost to the chess equivalent of a penalty shoot out, especially with Armageddon rules. Some might argue it is a less than perfect method to resolve County individual cup competitions, but on the other hand it produced very exciting finishes and the new Champions had to work very hard for their well deserved successes. And, through Ian Clark and Martin Simons, it also revived an important and long established Dorset competition, which had lost popularity as a long weekend event. And amalgamating it within the Dorset Open also proved problematic. So very well done to all involved.

Final results table below (pl click to enlarge)