Entries are now closed.  There are 41 entrants.
Please note that it can take a few days for payment confirmation to be received.
The ratings shown are those at the time of entry.  January 2024 ratings will be used for the tournament.
Allan Pleasants2135
Mike Waddington2119
John Weatherlake2056
Chrsitan Westrap2003
Steve Peirson2003
Adam Batson1993
Bill Adaway1987
Mark Littleton1980
Ian Clark1970
Finn Schell1970
Eddie Barker1942
Len Laker1916
Jamie Doyle1897
Franz Pittman1856
Martin Clancy1840
Peter Wilcock1810
Major (Under 1850)
Zander Booth1821
Mark Potter1809
Tim Jones1782
Ronnie Burton1756
Femi Oloyede1751
Jason Wang1750
Chris Leeson1747
Leo Camopy1741
Malcolm Steevens1728
Nick Stout1697
Tim Joyce1678
Hugo Melling1669
Derek Mount1660
Joe Peacock1638
Chris Webb1638
John Belinger1614
Minor (Under 1600)
Michal Orszulak1550 Est
Christopher Foley1550 Est
Ron Salinger1456
Harshal Kulkarni1389
Dave Burt1349
Andre Labouchardiere1318
Samuel Hooks1300 Est
Michael Tew1216
Michael Ellery1208