2024 Dorset Closed – Winners’ Games


Featured below is one of the best games from each of the section winners in the recent Dorset Closed congress, plus a bonus game from the double rating prize winner in the Major section.

We hope you enjoy the fine and entertaining chess on show.

Championship Winners

The Championship section resulted in a tie for first place between Finn Schell and Allan Pleasants.  Here we have a short, sharp win by each of them, one in 15 moves and the other in 20 moves.

Firstly, having played an unusual opening line, Finn quickly targets the pawn weaknesses in his opponent’s position and then builds a development lead that results in a winning stranglehold.

Next, Allan’s expert central play and timely opening up the position takes advantage of his opponent’s over adventurous wing play and uncastled king.

Major Winner

Chris Leeson won the major with a very impressive 4.5/5.  Here he shows excellent tactical sharpness to win an xchange early in the game.

Minor Winner

The Minor was a close run affair but Harshal Kulkarni won his last three games, edging ahead to first place in the final round. Here he plays very tidily to exploit a pawn advantage, finding some nice moves in the endgame.

Double Rating Prize Winner

In the Major section, Hugo Melling won both rating prizes.  Below he shows good tactical awareness to pick up material.

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