Dorset County Chess Association 2022 AGM Minutes

Wednesday 29th June 2022 held at Merley Community Club.

Those present were: Ian Clark, Martin Simons, Peter Anderson, Nikki Forster, Malcolm Steevens, Steve Peirson, Phil Wallace, Mark Potter, Geoff Searing, David Lewis, Mike Davidson and Richard Ursell.

IC opened the meeting at 7.30 pm and welcomed everyone to the first face to face AGM for 3 years!

Apologies received from: Allan Pleasants, David Hardie and Martin Clancy.

The minutes of the 2019 AGM were not approved by the meeting and signed as accurate by IC because they had gone missing.

The President’s opening remarks (see attached).

Action Point for Malcolm (Secretary) is to send out the Agenda for the AGM in advance of future meetings.

Secretary’s Report

Malcolm notified that there was nothing of value to report apart from apologising that  the 2019 minutes were unfortunately missing.

Treasurer’s Report

(See attached Accounts)

SP presented 3 last years accounts (2019-2022) and disclosed that we had recently made a loss, mainly due to loss of receipts from league fees due to covid.

NF asked what the debtor due to legal dispute was? (the Bridport affair)-Action Point for Malcolm is to check whether the property in question has been sold.

League Controller’s Report

IC reported that there were very few postponements during the season and that the biggest task was organizing the fixtures.

  • Division 1 was won comfortably by Weymouth A
  • Division 2 was very close, and was eventually won by Dorchester B
  • Division 3 was the most hotly contested league, and was eventually won by Poole B with only one point separating the top three teams

Other Events

The Dorset Rapidplay had 31 entries and was won by Allan Pleasants

The 2021 online rapidplay resulted in a  three way tie and the 2022 online rapidplay had 34 entrants and was won by Peter Anderson.

Martin S reported that the B&DCL team handicap tournament was won by Highcliffe in 2021.

Junior Secretary Report

See detailed report.

NF commented that Ted Paul from Dorchester has done well but rarely gets a mention because he is from the “West”.

NF mentioned that she and Martin Clancy had recently met with Ringwood school; and then went on to say that “we must build relationships between more local clubs and schools……………….I do need help from everyone in the room!”.

Grading Officer Report

PW mentioned that since LMS started in 2017/18 season it has now reached the stage where there is very little work for the grading officer to do!

He also commented that the player list for each club must be accurate.

It was disclosed that Greg Webb will be the new grading officer as PW is standing down.

IC mentioned that there are two people who aren’t ECF members and they will be charged any outstanding game fees.

Dorset Closed Congress

The Dorset Closed had 26 entries and the championship was won by Allan Pleasants and Bruce Jenks. In the Major section Ted Paul came a creditable 2nd

Webmaster’s Report

See separate report

PA mentioned that Allan Pleasants and Mike Waddington both contributed regularly. He would especially like to thank Martin Simons for his significant contributions during the year.

He also disclosed that the Dorset Closed had received 1000 hits, 300 of which were juniors and that the Stafford gambit had received 20-50 hits per week.

Generally the site now receives an average of 70 hits per day.

PA closed by saying that the biggest part of dealing with the website was tidying it up.

WECU Delegate Report

NF is frustrated that she can’t seem to get anyone motivated and that zoom meetings have been poorly attended

ECF Delegate Report

IC had nothing to report

NF offered to take on this role from IC.


The following trophies were presented by Ian Clark:

Division One Winners: Weymouth A (Actually the trophy has gone missing!)

Division Two Winners: Dorchester B (Mark Potter)

Division Three Winners: Poole B (but no one from Poole was present to receive it)

B&D Handicap Trophy: N/A (presented to Highcliffe at the Bournemouth League AGM)

Election of Officers

The majority of officers elected were the same as last year:

President: Ian Clark

Secretary: Malcolm Steevens

Treasurer: Steve Peirson

Match Captain/Secretary: N/A

New Rating Officer: Greg Webb

Webmaster: Peter Anderson

League Controller: Ian Clark

Congress Secretary: Ian Clark

Dorset Closed Congress: Ian Clark

Events Organiser: Martin Simons

Junior Secretary: Nikki Forster

WECU Delegates: Malcolm Steevens & Nikki Forster

New ECF Delegate: Nikki Forster

Auditor: Martin Simons

Plans for the coming season

As has been talked about in broad terms at previous meetings; there was a motion to invite B&DCL to merge with DCCA. It was agreed that DCCA would set up a sub-committee of three officers (IC, SP & MSt) to consider a revised Constitution on the basis that the proposed merger goes ahead in 2023. B&DCL have already formulated a draft constitution for DCCA’s consideration via the sub-committee.

The proposed sub-committee agreed to have an initial meeting before the end of October.

MSt suggested that it would be a good idea to have someone from the Dorchester chess club (because they are a relatively big club) represented on the sub-committee and no-one was against this idea.

There will be 3 divisions again next season with 1800 & 1600 grading limits (based on grades as at 01/09/22) for Div 2 & 3 respectively.

There are likely to be 4 tournaments next season; the Dorset Blitz, the Dorset Junior Chess Championships, the Dorset Rapidplay and the Dorset Closed.

The Dorset Open will not be held in October due to hotel issues and a decision has yet to be made regarding the Dorset Online Rapidplay Championship.

Graham Hillman of Wimborne CC is organizing an over 50s and over 65s congress in November 2022 replacing the one that used to be run at Exmouth by Bob Jones.


It was announced that Allan Pleasants from the Weymouth Chess Club, will be shortly representing Wales at the Chess Olympiad, and IC wished him well on behalf of DCCA.

The Dorchester Jamboree will be held in September as usual and the two towns match will be on 12th September.

Ian Clark announced that he will be stepping down as President at the end of the 2022/23 season. Peter Anderson announced that he will be stepping down as Webmaster at the end of the 2023/24 season.

The meeting closed at 9.17 pm