Dorset Junior Chess Championships, 9 February 2019

Dorset Chess Game Analysis

Venue – Bournemouth Grammar School for Girls

We had a successful and very enjoyable Championship where 53 juniors competed within 3 groups over 6 rounds and a time control of 15 minutes each.

Ages of Juniors/Seniors were from Year 3 (8 years) to Sixth form (17). The competitors came from all over the area and overall winner Ted Paul scoring 6/6 is a regular league chess player from Dorchester (age 15). Florence Spirling came from Swanage (year 5) and competed for the first time and came equal 3rd scoring 4/6. All the Juniors scored points and enjoyed the experience which will encourage them to continue chess through schools and the local various clubs.

It was great to see such a wide group of juniors competing and playing chess which is the main objective of the day in one arena and the parents/guardians watching on so proudly.

A few senior players are playing in the local leagues however many of the younger Juniors specifically in years groups 3/4/5 were playing for the first time.

Details of the Prize and Medal winners over the age groups are published separately as are the Individual list of scores for all age groups.

Bournemouth Grammar School for Girls hosting the event for the 2nd year is an excellent venue and the facilities are perfect for this type of event, including parking, access and space.

I need to mention all the helpers which carried out such a creditable job and assisted with all, without them an event on the scale would not be possible: Ian Clark, Bryan Lose, Graham Morris, Steve Bailey, Paul Errington and Dee Nustedt.

Eric Sachs

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