Dorset Junior Chess – Friday evening online Chess event is lots of fun.

Friday (4th December) saw another highly enjoyable online interactive chess coaching session and tournament for Dorset junior chess players led by Andy Baskett.

The coaching session covered a summary of the previous week’s session on ‘Counting the attacking and defensive pieces’ and then a video on Forks (not the kind of fork that you eat with!) which created a great deal of enthusiastic and interactive discussion both during and after.

For any players who would like to watch the video again, it can be found at here.

This was followed by a very close and exciting online chess tournament using the platform which was won once again by Jack with Harry and Max in joint second place. Well played all juniors!

It was very encouraging to hear Jack and Harry tell everyone how much they enjoy playing each other in their spare time outside of these chess sessions.

Coaches on hand were Andy Baskett andMartin Simons with support from Nikki Forster. In total, 12 juniors attended and the whole evening proved both great fun and another fantastic learning experience.

If players (or parents) are not sure how to join the tournament, please take a look at this link for assistance.

These evenings are proving to be very popular. If you know of any juniors who would be interested then please contact [email protected].

We welcome all junior chess players from across the Dorset and Bournemouth & District chess league catchment areas (and some who are just over the border in Hampshire!) irrespective of your school or chess club affiliation.

Image by Macro Verch
CC BY 2.0
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