Dorset Juniors in action in Delancey Megafinal No. 1

A number of Dorset Junior Chess players competed in the first of three Megafinals of the Delancey UK Chess Challenge on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th June. Amongst those taking part were Florence, Jack, Max, Larissa, Lohit, Harry and Leo. Well done to everyone, the opposition was challenging and there were some tough matches.

The Delancey UK Chess Challenge is the leading junior chess competition in the UK in which junior players of all abilities can take part. Since 1996 over 1 million children have taken part in the Delancey UK Chess Challenge. The Megafinals are the equivalent of the quarter-finals of the competition. Children compete against players of a similar age from across the UK to hopefully qualify for the Gigafinals (semi-finals).

Congratulations to Max, Leo, Florence, Larissa and Jack who all achieved the necessary level of points (4 points from 6 rounds) to qualify for the next level, the Gigafinals.

In the U8 Boys section, Max (rated 1740) scored 4 points coming 21st with an average performance rating of 1822 which included draws against players rated 2193 and 1922.

In the U10 section, Leo, an U9, qualified with 3.5 points including a win in his third game against a player rated 150 rating points above him.

In the U12 Girls section Florence and Larissa, both on 4 points, were 14th and 15th respectively with performance ratings of 1690 and 1718. Florence had a nail biting draw in the final round against an opponent rated over 200 rating points above her. In the U12 Boys, Jack (an U11) scored 3.5 points again with a qualifying draw in the final round.

Round 2 of the Megafinals is next weekend and Round 3 the following weekend. We wish all Dorset juniors taking part in these rounds the very best of luck. The Gigafinals take place in July and the ultimate round, the Terafinal Grand Finale is in October at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire

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