ECF drive to encourage more women and girls to play chess

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27 Nov: The ECF are strongly committed to see more women and girls playing chess, whether in a chess club, junior clubs, school or university – or just enjoying social chess in libraries and cafes etc. To this goal, they have appointed a Women’s Recruitment Officer, Tim Wall ([email protected])

Tim wrote to all chess organisers promoting a conference weekend (30 Nov – 1 Dec ’19) in Hammersmith, west London. This is an extract of what Tim sent out:

“…….How we can improve the gender balance in chess, and make our chess clubs more welcoming to women and girls, are key issues on the agenda at the upcoming London Chess Conference this weekend (30 November-1 December), which is being held at the Irish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith on the theme ‘Chess and Female Empowerment’.

Female members of the ECF are eligible for free entry to the conference. Simply send an email in advance to [email protected] with your ECF membership number (ME******)……”






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