Junior 4NCL, Season 9, Round 5 – Two Wins for Dorset Juniors!

4ncl competition

A fantastic evening for our teams in the Online Junior 4NCL in round 5 with wins for both teams. This was our first double win of this season!

Dorset Juniors 1: won 7-1

Well done to Dorset Juniors 1 for a comprehensive win against Ojays C! Double wins for Zander, Hugo and Michal and a further win for Jack.  Although we outrated the opponents by 300 rating points on paper, our opponents were not outclassed and, largely, put up a good fight. Michal had two relatively straightforward wins, with a nice back rank checkmate and then won a piece early on in his second game to close it out. After a slow but steady start in game 1, Zander outplayed his opponent in the end game and then exploited his opponent’s weaknesses in the second, whereas Hugo first cleaned up with his queen and then in his second game, found a nice tactic to win his opponent’s queen. Jack, in his first game, won two pieces and then went on to dominate.

This win means we retain our 2 point lead at the top of our Division 2 group table and pull slightly away on game points.

Dorset Juniors 2: won 5-3

The first win for Dorset Juniors 2 this season, so much to celebrate. Well done, I’m very proud of you!

There was a double win for Louis on board 4, where some interesting play allowed him to win both games with back rank mates.  Eli, Will and Arthur  all won one and lost one.  Back rank checkmates were clearly the order of the day with Arthur winning with another back rank mate playing black. Eli was excited to win the first match, especially after his opponent’s double default two weeks ago, trapping his opponent’s king in the corner with queen and knight. Will had a similar win in his second match.

This great result moves the team up into 6th position on 3 points in our Division 3 group. The table is tight in the middle and could go any way over the last two remaining matches. All still to play for and the next round will be critical!

If you are interested in playing for Dorset Juniors please contact me at [email protected]

Nikki Forster 15/3/2024

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