We are sorry to announce the death of Mihail Puiu Nutu of New Milton Chess Club at the age of 56 in very unfortunate circumstances. Mihail went to his homeland of Rumania at the beginning of the year for a few weeks holiday. Whilst there he required dental treatment, but contracted an infection and could not be saved when transferred to hospital.

Mihail had been a member of New Milton CC for a little over five years, where he has been a popular player with an uncanny ability to escape from the most complicated and hazardous positions. He was the last winner of the club’s Yuletide Fun Frolic, and the club will now institute a trophy for that event in Mihail’s name, with his success just three months ago inscribed to show him as the first winner.

Mihail worked in the care industry, and recently completed a care management qualification after spending an arduous three years of weekly day release classes in London to achieve this.

His widow, Carmen, is returning to Barton-on-Sea to continue with her work there, and our thoughts go out to her.

A photograph of Mihail and Carmen is shown below.

Barry Jolly

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