Poem No.11 – Time for Change

Poem No.11 – Time for Change

Over the summer months Christine Roberts is delighting and entertaining us with her chess poems. This one covers the changing face of the chess clock!

“Analogue clocks!” I hear you complain,
as we’re placed beside competition boards.
Denying the decades we’ve timed your game,
you really hurt us, your words like swords.

Till now we’ve been your constant guide;
it’s not in our nature to openly brag,
but you’ve beamed at our faces by your side
at the dropping of opponent’s flag!

Today’s the day new clocks have come:
electronic models, smooth and slick,
that need no winding by finger and thumb;
we don’t understand what makes them tick!

Karpov and Carlsen didn’t hurl abuse,
nor Alekhine, Fischer and Spassky, who
never made complaint about our use,
the only detractor we’ve heard is YOU.

Copyright © Christine Roberts 2021