Poem No.8 – O What a Knight!

Poem No.8 – O What a Knight!

Over the summer months Christine Roberts is delighting and entertaining us with her chess poems. This one cleverly describes the strengths and weaknesses of the meandering knight!

Okay, I may not count for much,
numerically, I’m worth just three,
but if I get you in my clutch,
it’s very hard to outwit me!

So, when you twig my canny move,
an ‘L’ shaped jump; it might seem strange,
my usefulness will quickly prove
how worthy I am on the ‘range’.

By that, I mean the board, of course.
I get to places hard to reach.
New players know me as a horse
as I jump in to fill the breach.

So, where to place me from the start?
Remember! I don’t like the rim.
Centrally, I play my part,
for on the edge, It’s really grim!

Copyright © Christine Roberts 2021