Poole Win Phenomenal Team Battle

Last night’s Team Battle saw an incredible and very enjoyable scrap between Poole and Ringwood for first place, with the former prevailing by just two points, the lead having swapped frequently over the evening, making it one of the tightest of these events.

Moreover, Ringwood’s score of 90 was by far the highest second placed score any team has managed and would have won all but two other Team Battles.

The high scoring extended to the third placed team, West Dorset Jedi, who notched up 55 points, one of the highest bronze medal totals we have seen.

The top three individual points scorers were Oscar Garcia (37) for Poole, Adam Ursell (30) for Ringwood and Richard Allis for Poole (29).  A special mention also for Allan Pleasants who was the only person to go through the evening undefeated and indeed scored 100%.

And we should mention in passing that this made 5 in a row for Poole… maybe next time someone will catch them?

Click on the table below for the full results.

List of Winners

24/5/21 Poole
10/5/21 Poole
26/4/21 Poole
12/4/21 Poole
29/3/21 Poole
15/3/21 West Dorset Jedi
1/3/21 Poole
15/2/21 Southbourne
1/2/21 Poole
18/1/21 Poole
4/1/21 Southbourne
21/12/20 Southbourne
7/12/20 Poole
24/11/20 Poole
9/11/20 Poole
26/10/20 Southbourne
12/10/20 Poole
28/9/20 Poole
14/9/20 Southbourne
31/8/20 Southbourne
17/8/20 Ringwood
27/7/20 Southbourne
29/6/20 Poole
4/6/20 Poole

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