Southbourne Win Penultimate Team Battle on Tie-Break

Martin Clancy has announced that with chess clubs starting to meet up and life more generally returning to some sort of normality, last night’s Team Battle would be the penultimate one that he would be running, with the last one to be held in two weeks time. At the start of the evening, many players offered their thanks to Martin for organising the battles and clearly there are a few who will really miss them.

With 18 players taking part last night, there were enough to make the event viable but only just, so the low turn out seems to support Martin’s decision.

That said, it was an exciting evening, with tied scores for the first time in a Team Battle. Southbourne and Poole both amassed 53 points with Southbourne winning on tie-break (and I have no idea how Lichess calculates that)! Poole were without the services of Oscar Garcia, which left the teams evenly matched on paper and in reality.  Keith Gregory and Mike Duggan were their top scorers respectively.

West Dorset Jedi were the only other full team and, led by Kevin Goater, they came in third.

Click on the table below for the full results.

List of Winners

5/7/21 Southbourne
21/6/21 Poole
7/6/21 Poole
24/5/21 Poole
10/5/21 Poole
26/4/21 Poole
12/4/21 Poole
29/3/21 Poole
15/3/21 West Dorset Jedi
1/3/21 Poole
15/2/21 Southbourne
1/2/21 Poole
18/1/21 Poole
4/1/21 Southbourne
21/12/20 Southbourne
7/12/20 Poole
24/11/20 Poole
9/11/20 Poole
26/10/20 Southbourne
12/10/20 Poole
28/9/20 Poole
14/9/20 Southbourne
31/8/20 Southbourne
17/8/20 Ringwood
27/7/20 Southbourne
29/6/20 Poole
4/6/20 Poole

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