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Dorset Team Handicap Tournament



B&DCL Team Handicap Final, played at Poole 4 May ’17

Poole 4 Purbeck 2

Many congratulations to new cup winners Poole – but very well done to both teams on an extremely competitive and exciting final! So hard luck to Purbeck.

Scores – and below that Martin Simon’s (Handicap Controller) on the spot report:



Poole names first

O. Garcia (180) 1 S. Peirson (179) 0

D. Fuller (163) 1 C. Grant (151) 0

H. Makawitage (158) 0.5 J. Coles (143) 0.5

S. Makawitage (149) 0.5 D. Mount (125) 0.5

C. Ambrose (116) 0 R. Quin (120) 1

S. Rider (77) 1 P. Stanley (83) 0


I popped along to the Poole Chess Club last night (‘Theatre of Dreams’ as Eric calls it!) to watch a tense yet exciting final between Poole and Purbeck.  Poole had the higher average grade of 141 (against Purbeck’s 134) and needed to win 3.5 – 2.5. 

Poole were quickest out of the blocks with fine quick wins from David Fuller on board 2 and Seth Rider on board 6 and it was looking good as Hiru Makawitage consolidated Poole’s advantage with a draw on board 3 against John Coles. The other boards were all approximately level and it was looking likely that Poole would become comfortable winners.  However, Purbeck did not quite read the script and managed to pull one back on board 5 with a fine attacking display from Richard Quin and it would seem that they were also going to win on board 4 with Black’s 2 rooks dominating the 7th rank which would have levelled the match.  However, Derek Mount could only see a perpetual check and agreed a draw with Sandu Makawitage which kept Poole’s noses just in front.  This meant that Steve Peirson had to win on board 1 versus Oscar Garcia for Purbeck to draw level but win the match on the handicap system.  A small crowd of 15 spectators were watching intently as the game unfolded.  Turning down a few drawing possibilities for the sake of his team, Steve, perhaps tried too hard to win in a Queen and Rook ending and, in the end, he allowed his strong opponent to carefully and skilfully liquidate down to a winning King and pawn ending. 

So congratulations to Poole for winning the match 4 – 2 (scoresheet immediately below) and well played to the Purbeck players for playing their part in a very competitive yet sporting final.

Best regards


Please click on score sheet below for it to open:

Chess: B&DCL Final 4 May '17

B&DCL Team Handicap,  Latest Weds 3 May ’17

The final between Poole & Purbeck is at the home of Poole Chess Club on Thursday, 4 May, 7.30pm. Eric Sachs writes:

As always, all visitors very welcome!

And there will be club members to play if anyone would like to play chess during the evening. Poole extend a warm welcome to their “theatre of dreams” – playing conditions expected to be good.


Update from Martin Simons, Monday 3 Apr ’17

Please find below a file with details of  the 2017 Team Handicap Knockout Cup competition to date.

We have already completed all matches except for the final itself so we are ahead of schedule.

Well done to both Poole and Purbeck for making it to the final.

Please click to open:- Copy of BDCL Team Handicap Knockout – 2017 Results_pdf030417

Latest notes from Martin Simons, Tuesday 28 Feb ’17

Dear all

Thank you for completing all 1st round matches before the due date and well played all winners.  Two teams won by losing their matches, the beauty of the handicap system!



1st Round Results:

Purbeck (141) 2.5 – 3.5  Weymouth (156)     Required score: 2.0 – 4.0

Dorchester (120)  4.5 – 1.5  Wimborne (119)      Required score: 3.0 – 3.0

Highcliffe (107) 2.5 – 3.5  Bournemouth (132) Required score: 1.5 – 4.5

Southbourne (136)  0.5 – 5.5  Poole (143) Required score: 2.5 – 3.5

Semi-Final Draw:

Poole v Dorchester

Purbeck v Highcliffe

Team Captains: Poole – Ciprian Stanciu; Highcliffe – Ron Salinger; Purbeck – Steve Peirson; Dorchester – David Aldwinckle

Hopefully people’s email addresses will be obvious as part of this distribution.

All matches to be played by Friday, 21st April 2017.  This gives you just over 7 weeks to play the match. Can all home captains please contact the away captain within 7 days to agree a date.

Please contact me if you are having any problems or if you have any questions. I attach the latest match scoresheet and a set of rules.  Please remember that you can select a different average team grade to the one you had in the 1st round.  I am happy to receive the results back by email. Good luck! Martin


These notes sent out by Martin Simons Thursday 12 Jan ’17

Dear all,

Thank you for responding and entering your club’s team. 8 club teams have entered which is exactly the right amount.  Unfortunately, due to low numbers and/or other league commitments, Ringwood and Bridport have been unable to field a team this year, but they hope to play next year. Please find below the draw for the 1st Round.

In view of the likely traditional poorer winter weather conditions I have once again regionalised the pairings for the 1st round to help reduce travelling for the away team.  Also those teams that played at home in the 1st round last year have been paired away in the 1st round this year.   Lastly, you should be paired against a different team than in the first round last year.


Purbeck v Weymouth

Dorchester v Wimborne

Highcliffe v Bournemouth

Poole v Southbourne

Last year’s Champions: Highcliffe

The captains are as follows:

Bournemouth – Paul Errington

Poole – Ciprian Stanciu

Wimborne – Phil Wallace

Highcliffe – Ron Salinger

Weymouth – Allan Pleasants

Southbourne – John Harris (use Southbourne Chess Club email)

Purbeck – Steve Peirson

Dorchester – David Aldwinckle

Hopefully people’s email addresses will be obvious on this distribution.

All matches to be played by Friday, 3rd March 2017.  This gives you just over 7 weeks to play the match. Can all home captains please contact the away captain within 7 days to agree a date.

Please contact me if you are having any problems or if you have any questions.

Below are the latest set of rules and here is a match scoresheet:- (to follow)

Please remember that you can select an average team grade for each of the rounds without penalty.  I am happy to receive the results back by email.

Good luck!



Below are the rules relating to the competition and last year’s results.

The grades at the start of the 2016/17 season will be used.

B&DCL Team Handicap Knockout Rules

  1. Teams of 6. Only the ECF Grading List at the start of the season will apply.
  2. Each team captain to nominate the average grading strength of his/her team prior to the commencement of each match
  3. Ungraded players, subject to the controller’s approval, will be graded at the higher of the average grading strength of the team and 100. In exceptional circumstances, the controller may permit a lower grade to be used.
  4. A player is only eligible to play for one team if he/she is a bona fide club member.
  5. It is the responsibility of the home captain, upon receiving notification of the draw, to contact the away captain within 7 days of possible dates for the match, otherwise the home advantage will be reversed.
  6. Tie Break Rules If the score is 3 – 3, then the team that wins individual games on the higher boards will be deemed the winner. This can be determined by adding together the winning boards. If team A wins on boards 1 and 4 (=5) and team B wins on boards 2 and 5 (=7) then team A wins. If this is equal, then the result on the bottom board is eliminated. If still equal, then the result on board 5 is eliminated and then board 4 etc until a result is achieved. If all individual matches are draws then there will be a replay.
  7. The away team has white on odd boards.
  8. The time control for each player will 35 moves in 1 hour and 15 minutes and the remainder of the game in 15 minutes.
  9. FIDE rules apply. However, the Tournament Controller’s decision is final
  10.  When two teams meet in any round, the difference in the average grades, is compared and the higher graded
    team will need to win by the following scores:-
Grading difference Score required Comments
0 – 4 3 – 3 Tie break rules apply (see rule 6)
5 – 12 3.5 – 2.5
13 – 20 4 – 2
21 – 29 4.5 – 1.5
30 – 37 5 – 1
38 – 45 5.5 – 0.5
46 or more 6 – 0


13 Jan ’17