Tony Buckfield and Mike Davidson – team mates over many years

Earlier this week Tony Buckfield (left) and Mike Davidson (right) represented Wimborne side by side in a match against Poole.

Nothing remarkable you might say…

… but here they are (this time Mike on the left and Tony on the right) 43 years earlier in 1980 also side by side representing Wimborne!  Many thanks to Tony for sending us the 1980 photo and the header photo of them enjoying a drink together.

Both were very early members of Wimborne Chess Club which was formed in 1978 after a few people met at Tony’s house.  Tony was chairman for many years and when Mike joined he became treasurer for a few years. Mike moved to Kenya for over 30 years but upon his return took over from Tony as chairman!  You can read more about the history of Wimborne Chess Club in Dorset Chat No. 2.

Have you or someone you know played in a team with anyone over a long time span like Tony and Mike?  And do you have then and now photos?

Please do let Martin Simons or Peter Anderson know via our usual emails or this contact page.

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