Lichess: Ringwood make Weds evening & Fri afternoon “Open” to local clubs

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26 March Update.   15 players from various clubs participated in the first Wednesday Open evening.    Read more in the results page.  The more the merrier so do consider joining the Wednesday evening or Friday afternoon sessions.

24 March ’20: Martin Clancy has reported the inaugural Ringwood club evening on Monday was fun and ran well, with 9 & 8 club members taking part in 2 competitions.

But he goes on to confirm the sessions on Weds evening 25 March and Fri afternoon, 27 March are open to all from local clubs, but it does mean registering in advance with the Ringwood Chess Tournament team if not already signed up.   Instructions on how to join in are here.

Wednesday Open sessions  

The tournaments are set up for the Wednesday ‘open’ events – 13 people are already registered with the Ringwood Chess Tournament team and so can enter the following  

 Open Thematic Blitz (lichess unrated) at 7:30pm            

 Open Blitz (lichess rated) at 8:45pm                                            

 New Friday Session 

An afternoon session. The details are being finalised but it is likely to be 5 minutes + 3 seconds at 2pm and to play you will need to be in the Ringwood Chess Tournament group


And here is the earlier post that appeared here on 20 March:

Ringwood club has, in the current virus crisis, replaced traditional club nights with Lichess play against each other from home. 

Although the principal idea of this website feature is to help other Dorset clubs who may be considering something similar, Martin Clancy and Peter Anderson are extending an invitation for players from any local club to join in on the Wednesday Open Evenings and also Friday afternoon. Martin Clancy reports the Friday afternoon is being finalised (@ 24 Mar) and details will appear hereIf you are interested, please see these notes immediately below from Peter Anderson who runs the Ringwood Chess Club website:

“Whilst the coronavirus is disrupting face-to-face chess, Ringwood Chess Club is offering players in local clubs the chance to join them in playing blitz internet chess on Wednesday evenings.   There will be two arena events each Wednesday until further notice: a thematic opening arena (Winawer French will be the first) and a normal blitz arena.

Find out more and how to join here.  (link to

Please note that this is a Ringwood Chess Club initiative, not an official B&DCL or DCCA initiative”.

Many thanks to Ringwood for sharing all this information and providing some opportunity for local Dorset players to register and take part on both Wednesdays and Fridays For many of us, on-line chess initiatives of this kind may, of course, be one of our few opportunities to play chess for several months ahead


Wimborne are also exploring Lichess possibilities and particular thanks to Graham Hillman for sharing information and knowledge. He sent this Lichess link which is very helpful:





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