Wessex Weekly Lichess Tournaments

Keith Gregory has sent the following report on the ever popular Wessex Weekly 5 minutes + 5 seconds Swiss tournaments that he runs.

This week saw our 119th Weekly Wessex Swiss tournament with a near record turnout of 19 players (a number only beaten once previously for our 100th tournament which had cash prizes and attracted 28 players).

Here are some stats for the tournaments in 2022…

  • 50 different players have played in 28 weekly tournaments
  • 4 players have played in 50%+ of the tournaments
    • Richard Allis 25
    • Keith Gregory 22
    • Tom Philidor 14
    • Allan Pleasants 14
  • We have had 11 different tournament winners
    • 11 wins: Richard Allis (pictured below)
    • 3 wins: Oscar Garcia, Allan Pleasants, Jaimie Wilson
    • 2 wins: Rolandas Lukosius, Keith Gregory
    • 1 win: Tom Philidor, David Pye, Richard Ursell, Iwan Cave, Peter Anderson

With attendances of 16, 16 & 19 over the last 3 weeks, the tournament seems to be thriving and I’m hoping we can keep it going through until at least #200 !

If anyone wants more info feel free to contact me via lichess – I am KeithDFG

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