Western Counties Championship – Dorset and Wiltshire Lose

Western Counties Championship – Dorset and Wiltshire Lose

Ian Clark sends the following report on the Dorset & Wiltshire vs Gloucestershire online match played on Sunday 10th Jan.

Match Report

This was the first Dorset county match of any description for about 15 years with a combined team of 6 from Wilts and 10 from Dorset.

The match did not go very well! Looking at individual points won, Wiltshire won 3.5 points out of 6 and Dorset 1.5 out of 10 – room for improvement.

There were a couple of issues at the start, one reminding one of our Dorset players (and well done Tim Joyce who was late to the game but did win) and the other due to a mess up of email addresses from your Captain –sorry to Richard Ursell.

The games were underway and within about 20 minutes we were 5-0 down. I should have reminded players that it was a long match and not blitz which most are used to playing online.

There were a lot of close games but we seem just to come out second. On top board Allan Pleasants had a good game (given at the end of this article) against a strong opponent and although considerably down on time battled away in a double rook ending and managed a draw, even missing one chance of winning.

The game on board 3 was very exciting with Gorgun Aliriza throwing all his pieces into the attack but just run out of attacking material before he could deliver mate.

There was a major problem towards the end of the matches in that the Lichess system froze and whoever move it was lost on time because no moves could be made. It turned out that there was a Lichess upgrade. This resulted in a few problems and confusion but was mainly sorted amicably the next day.

The final score was Gloucestershire 11 against 5 for Dorset & Wilts.

I hope that come the next match on 7th February against Somerset these glitches will be sorted and we can just play chess. The players in squad who did not play will get a chance in next match.

Captain Clark


Dorset & WiltsGloucestershire
1Pleasants Allan20690.5Joey Stewart22450.5
2Alliss Richard20500Duncan Dicks21761
3Gorgun Aliriza20430Mike Ashworth21491
4Weatherlake John18870John Jenkins20831
5Adaway Bill18810Amogh Sarpoldar20001
6Burton Ron18480Alistair McNaughton19451
7Georgiou George18481Aron Saunders18760
8Headlong Fenella17880.5Rob Ashworth18570.5
9Ursell Richard17880Adrian Walker17621
10Leeson Chris17840Graham Brown17321
11Lundin Terje17650Indy Southcott Moyers16551
12Joyce Tim16981Matt Reekie-Black16080
13Parsons David16381Ainsley Killie16010
14Doyle Jamie16240Alex Carey15051
15Owen Phil15551Kevin Markey14660
16Burton Louis12480Angar Sarpotdar13961


Allan is up against tough opposition and comes away with a very creditable draw, and was so close to coming away with more. The game features a really interesting and fiddly endgame.