2 Towns Match 13 Sept ends as exciting 14-14 draw – after tense final game between Tim Joyce & Rob Davenport!

2 Towns Match 13 Sept ends as exciting 14-14 draw – after tense final game between Tim Joyce & Rob Davenport!

Martin Simons reports on a great evening last night at Poole:-

With teams evenly balanced, it was an exciting evening, real end to end stuff and a great opening season curtain raiser!  Due to the closeness of the individual matches, most players stayed to the bitter end to watch nervously as the individual results came trickling in and no team appearing to gain a significant advantage. 

With the match score level after 27 boards, it all boiled down to the last individual encounter on board 13 between Tim Joyce (Poole) and Rob Davenport (Bournemouth).  Tim was holding a material advantage on the board but the tension was mounting as he only had seconds remaining on his clock and Rob, with an extra 10 minutes, calmly taking his time, was putting up an excellent defence for the Bournemouth team.  Everyone could hear a pin drop.  In the end, a sportsman’s draw was agreed leaving the match fairly tied at 14-14 with everyone happy and the cup shared, which is the first time since 2001!

Since this annual event started in 1985, Bournemouth have been winners 16 times, Poole 12 times and the cup shared 5 times!

This augers well for an exciting season in the B&DCL with the new league format of 6 teams per division across 5 divisions

Two Towns Match : Wednesday 13th September 2017
1Martin SimonsSouthbourne1930 – 1Oscar GarciaPoole192
2James ForsterSouthbourne1691 – 0Mike DugganPoole184
3Reenen Du ToitNew Milton1660 – 1Ian ClarkWimborne183
4Grzegorz SawickiSouthbourne165½ – ½Chip StanciuPoole169
5Martin ClancyRingwood164½ – ½Dragi PopovicPoole153
6Mike WilliamsSouthbourne1521 – 0Ivan WillisBournemouth144
7Richard UrsellHighcliffe1470 – 1John WeatherlakePoole140
8Ken SmithHighcliffe1450 – 1Paul JacksonBournemouth139
9Michael LitchfieldSouthbourne1441 – 0John OldfieldBournemouth137
10Phil SorensenBournemouth137½ – ½Alan TylerWimborne135
11Barry JollyNew Milton132½ – ½Tarik ReghifPoole132
12Steve DisneyNew Milton1320 – 1Tony BuckfieldWimborne129
13Rob DavenportRingwood128½ – ½Tim JoyceWimborne127
14Adam UrsellHighcliffe122½ – ½Simon PatersonPoole127
15Andrew AndertonBournemouth1220 – 1John BowleyWimborne125
16John HarrisSouthbourne1200 – 1Mike RutterPoole117
17John BelingerNew Milton1191 – 0Richie SmithPoole109
18Paul ErringtonBournemouth1191 – 0Chris AmbrosePoole108
19Malcolm DayRingwood117½ – ½John GeorgeWimborne102
20John BeasantNew Milton115½ – ½Danni ValeroPoole100
21Martin BuseSouthbourne105½ – ½Will MooreWimborne96
22Darrell SturmeyRingwood103½ – ½David LaneWimborne83
23Bill PageNew Milton1011 – 0Tim McCullaghPoole91
24Roger HowellHighcliffe911 – 0Derek ChapmanPoole79
25Alex GorbayovsNew Milton911 – 0Steve BaileyPoole67
26Nigel PurrySouthbourne880 – 1Paul TrowbridgePoole66
27Greg WebbWimborne960 – 1Chris RobertsPoole95
28Bryan LosePoole1001 – 0David LockwoodPoole78
Score14 – 14