Bournemouth Win 2023 Two Towns Match

Pictured above, the Two Towns Knockout Shield being presented by the Poole captain, David Fuller, to the Bournemouth captain, Richard Ursell.

There was an excellent turnout of 50 players for the annual Bournemouth v Poole Two Towns match on Monday (6 more than last year). The event was played mainly as 25 mini matches of 2 games of 30 minutes a side each with the option of playing one full game if the players agreed.

Bournemouth won a close contest by 15-10, dominating on the bottom half of the boards whilst the Poole team more than held its own on the top boards, all pretty much in accordance with ratings.

As ever the event was a good social occasion and a great opportunity for everyone to catch up at the start of the season, doubtless aided by the nearby bar!

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