Yeovil Win Dorchester Jamboree

Pictured above are the victorious Yeovil team!

The traditional Dorchester Jamboree took place at the Colliton Club, Dorchester on Thursday 14th September, organised by Geoff Searing. It proved very enjoyable. 7 teams took part and it was a good battle between all teams with only 1½ points separating them all. The closeness of the individual matches was reflected by 9 draws on the top 10 boards.

Congratulations to Yeovil who won the trophy with a score of 4 points out of 6, ahead of Poole (the previous winners) with points, Purbeck and Wimborne both with 3 points, and Dorchester, Highcliffe and Weymouth each with points.

Thanks to Geoff for not only organising the event but sending the following report:

The large number of draws – probably as a result of trying to ensure that pairings were evenly matched – meant that the winners were determined by the few decisive games. The result was in doubt until very close to the end with a number of teams in contention. Yeovil having gained an early advantage with Binoy Manimala’s win, sealed the result late on when Darren Freeman beat John Harbour in a game when John had held the advantage. Mike Waddington squeezed out a win against Allan Pleasants on top board in a game that was close for much of the time. Last to finish was Ian Clark and Mads Bowden with Mads having a bishop and pawn against three pawns.

Individual Results

Mike Waddington (Dorchester)   1  0 Allan Pleasants (Weymouth)
James Foster (Highcliffe)   1/2  1/2 John Weatherlake (Poole)
Mike Duggan (Poole)   1/2  1/2 Adam Batson (Yeovil)
Steve Peirson (Purbeck)   1/2  1/2 Andrew Footner (Dorchester)
Jon Freeman (Weymouth)   1/2  1/2 Mark Littleton (Wimborne)
Ian Clark (Wimborne)   1/2  1/2 Madison Bowden (Highcliffe)
Richard Smith (Yeovil)   1/2  1/2 Eddie Barker (Wimborne)
Adam Ursell (Highcliffe)   1/2  1/2 Fernando Felicio (Yeovil)
Frank Pittman (Weymouth)   1/2  1/2 Richard Ursell (Highcliffe)
David Hardie (Dorchester)   1/2  1/2 Zander Booth (Poole)
Darren Freeman (Yeovil)   1  0 John Harbour (Dorchester)
Peter Wilcock (Wimborne)   1  0 Simon Gill-Martin (Dorchester)
Steve Pollyn (Wimborne)   1/2  1/2 John Coles (Purbeck)
Ellis Fretwell (Poole)   1  0 John Cordner (Wimborne)
Mark Potter (Dorchester)   1/2  1/2 Thomas Trach (Highcliffe)
Nick Stout (Purbeck)   1/2  1/2 Steve Blake (Weymouth)
Tim Joyce (Poole)   0  1 Malcolm Steevens (Weymouth)
Nigel Mills (Yeovil)   1/2  1/2 Derek Mount (Purbeck)
Sid Jones (sub for Purbeck)   0  1 Tony Sanderson (Poole)
Andrew LaBouchardiere (Weymouth)   0  1 Binoy Manimala (Yeovil)
Dan Ursell (Highcliffe)   0  1 Matthew Parker (Purbeck)
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