2024 B&DCL Team Handicap KO Cup – 2nd Round Results & Semi-Final Draw

2nd round Results (Average team ratings in brackets):

The three 2nd round matches were all very exciting with the required score being achieved in 2 of them! The winning teams are in bold.

Yeovil (1735) 3½ – 2½ Weymouth (1687) – Required score 3½ – 2½

Ringwood (1658) 2 – 4 Poole Position (1714) – Required Score 2½ – 3½

Poole The Other One (1779) 3 – 3 Bournemouth (1817) – Required Score 2½ – 3½

Semi-Final draw

Highcliffe Fischers v Poole The Other One

Poole Position v Yeovil

To allow for the summer break these matches are scheduled to be played by early / mid September with the Final to be played in late September / early October.

The 1st named team has the choice of venue.


The rules, including the rating handicap system, can be found here (https://www.dorsetchess.co.uk/ko-handicap/) and via the main menu under B&DC League.

A Match Scoresheet can be found here.

The latest live monthly ratings will be used which will include games played up to the end of the previous month. So, as an example, if a cup match was played in September, it is the fixed September 2024 rating that will count (and games played in September 2024 will not count).

Martin Simons 22/4/2024


Yeovil vs Weymouth in Round 2

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