2nd Dorset Online Rapidplay 2022 – Report and Results

2nd Dorset Online Rapidplay 2022 – Report and Results

Martin Simons has sent the following report on the 2nd Dorset Online Rapidplay Championships, held on Sunday 6th March.

On behalf of everyone who played in the event, many thanks to Martin for his significant effort in organising it.

Tournament Report

The 2nd Dorset Online Rapidplay Championship proved to be successful with 34 players taking part. It also used a virtual face to face ‘chat room’ for the players and it was pleasing to see 12 to 15 people attending the Opening Ceremony at 9.15am in the ‘chat room’.

There were many exciting games and the tournament ran to schedule finishing around 1.45pm. In total, 15 players won cash prizes which was almost half of the competitors.

In the Individual competition, Peter Anderson (Ringwood) is to be congratulated for coming 1st, accumulating the same score as last year of 6 points out of 7 (and an exceptional 2514 Lichess performance). Mike Duggan (Poole) and Paul Hampton (Seaton) came equal 2nd with 5.5 points.

Other prize winners were as follows:

  • The 1800 to 1899 rating section was won jointly by Adam Ursell (Highcliffe) and Rob Halse (Highcliffe) with 5 points.
  • The 1650 to 1799 rating section was won jointly by Jamie Doyle (Southbourne), Peter Manning (New Milton) and Tim Jones (New Milton) with 4 points.
  • The 1500 to 1649 rating section was won jointly by Femi Oloyede (Bournemouth), Zander Booth (Poole) and Leo Camopy (Poole) with 4 points.
  • The Under 1500 rating section was won jointly by Finn Schell (Southbourne), Florence Spirling (Southbourne) and Dan Ursell (Highcliffe) with 3 points.
  • The Veteran’s prize was won by Russ Pegg (Southbourne) with 5 points.
  • The 3 Junior prizes were won by Jamie Doyle (Southbourne), Zander Booth (Poole) and Leo Camopy (Poole) who all scored 4 points.
  • In the Team competition, Bright Bishops (Jamie, Zander, Finn & Florence) came 1st with 18 points, Highcliffe came 2nd with 17 points and New Milton / Ringwood came 3rd with 16 points in a close and exciting finish.

The total prize fund was increased to £215 as some prizes were shared.

I would like to thank:

  • Peter Anderson for maintaining an excellent, informative Dorset Rapidplay page on the website.
  • All players for the excellent, exciting chess, an enjoyable tournament and for making it very easy to run.

And finallyplease spare a thought for Adam Ursell who was travelling 100 miles to London yesterday whilst playing in the tournament, firstly as a passenger in a car to Brighton, then by overground train, finishing with an underground journey where signal was at best, intermittent, and yet he still scored 5 points!

Martin Simons
Tournament Controller
7th March 2022

Individual Results

NameFeb RatingPointsPrize(s)£
Peter Anderson205061st30
Paul Hampton20655.52nd =15
Mike Duggan20615.52nd =15
Christian Westrap20895
Russ Pegg (V)20025Veterans10
Adam Ursell183551800 to 189910
Robert Halse181951800 to 189910
Alan Dommett (V)20004.5
Joseph Coburn (V)18084.5
Ian Deswarte18884
Jamie Doyle (J)178441650 to 1799, Junior + Team20
Peter Manning177441650 to 179910
Tim Jones167941650 to 179910
Femi Oloyede159441500 to 164910
Zander Booth (J)158241500 to 1649, Junior + Team20
Leo Camopy (J)153841500 to 1649 + Junior15
Richard Allis20503.5
Reenen Du Toit19243.5
Richard Ursell18143
David Aldwinckle17613
Gillian Moore (V)16973
Michael Pope (V)15493
Natashane McCook15483
Finn Schell (J)12883Under 1500 + Team15
Florence Spirling (J)12583Under 1500 + Team15
Dan Ursell10553Under 150010
Nicholas Stout17602.5
Ron Salinger (V)14302.5
Paolo Mostardi18322
Robert Powell (V)18032
James Barnett15481.5
George Holden14971
Philip Ware (V)14811
George Wright15700.5

Team Results