Allan Pleasants beats IM in round 10 – Cardiff International event (pl click)

White now plays 27.Qg4, it’s Allan Pleasants (black) to move

It’s quite clear Allan enjoys playing chess in Wales, and Cardiff in particular! On his previous visit, at Easter, he became Welsh Champion. Then, is a very strong International event, also in Cardiff, he finished 5th out of 54, with the outstanding score of 6.5/10. This position was taken from his last round win v International Master, Richard Jones (2398).

After 27. Qg4? Allan played …Qb3!; what Martin Simons describes as “an excellent multi-purpose move”. This game was played 14 July ’17.

To play through the game and see all of Martin Simon’s annotations please click on “Allan International Success” on the very top menu.

As Martin points out in his notes, Allan is back playing in Wales shortly, at Llandudno in the British Championships (28 July – 6 August). On this form, combined with another Welsh venue, is anything possible?!



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