Daily Quiz

Daily Quiz

While face-to-face chess is disrupted in Dorset we are running a daily ‘Test Your Chess Knowledge’ quiz question (with 5 possible answers). For local quiz questions you may find the Bulletins and Chat articles helpful.

Martin Simons welcomes your feedback on the quiz and any submissions you have for questions.

Every day we will be publishing the Answers to the latest questions.

Older questions are still available: 1 to 50, 51 to 100, 101-150 and 151-200

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.230 – Bits & Pieces!

In the film, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ who originally taught Beth Harmon to play chess?
A) Her mum
B) Herself
C) Mr Shaibel
D) Harry Beltik
E) Garry Kasparov (playing himself)

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.228 – National Chess

Which British player scored 9 consecutive wins from his first 9 games at the 1976 British Chess Championships, a record for any British Chess Championship?
A) Tony Miles
B) Murray Chandler
C) George Botterill
D) John Nunn
E) Jonathan Mestel

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.227 – Local Chess

Excluding defaults, and thinking back to our first Lockdown, when do you think was the last B&DCL league or cup match or Dorset league match played in 2020?
A) Monday 9th March 2020
B) Tuesday 10th March 2020
C) Thursday 12th March 2020
D) Friday 13th March 2020
E) Monday 16th March 2020

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.226 – Chess Laws / Trivia

Which famous chess player came out with this accurate quote? ‘Even a poor plan is better than no plan at all?’
A) Wilhelm Steinitz
B) Emanual Lasker
C) Mikhail Chigorin
D) Alexander Alekhine
E) Max Euwe

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.225 – You are the Arbiter!

In a mad time scramble, player A moves a pawn to the 8th rank but there are no queens in sight, so s/he picks up a rook and places it upside down on the board stating it is a queen. What should the arbiter do next?
A) The rook is allowed to move like a queen.
B) The clocks are stopped, no time penalties or additions and the rook must be replaced immediately by a queen.
C) Player A must find a queen to replace the rook in his or her time.
D) As the move is incomplete and illegal, the clocks are stopped, the position is reconstructed to the point where the illegal move was played and player B may be awarded extra time.
E) As the rook has already been placed on the square, it becomes a rook even though player A has stated it is a queen.

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.224 – International Chess

In Q219 we covered which official World Chess Champion passed away at the youngest age but which World Chess Champion has lived the longest?
A) Emanuel Lasker
B) Max Euwe
C) Mikhail Botvinnik
D) Vasily Smyslov
E) Boris Spassky

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.223 – National Chess

How many teams has Wessex entered in the current online 4NCL Season 3 tournament?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7
E) 8

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.222 – Local Chess

Dorset & Wilts have so far played two matches in the Western Counties Online Championship. How many match points does it currently have?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.221 – Chess Laws / Trivia

Which British chess player made this interesting quote? ‘Chess doesn’t drive people mad, it keeps mad people sane!’
A) Bill Hartston
B) John Nunn
C) Jonathan Speelman
D) Tony Miles
E) Jonathan Levitt

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.220 – Bits & Pieces!

What is the name of this chess opening? 1.e4 g6 2.Bc4 Bg7 3.Qf3 e6

A) Hedgehog!
B) Hippopotamus!
C) Monkey’s Bum!
D) Orangutan!
E) Rat!

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.219 – International Chess

Which Official World Chess Champion passed away at the youngest age?
A) Wilhelm Steinitz
B) José Raúl Capablanca
C) Alexander Alekhine
D) Mikhail Tal
E) Tigran Petrosian

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.218 – National Chess

Which well known English chess player do you think has his own show on Youtube which includes impressions of other well known English and international chess players?
A) Jim Plaskett
B) Nigel Short
C) Stuart Conquest
D) Simon Williams
E) Danny Gormally

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.217 – Local Chess

Who has been the Dorset Individual Chess Champion most times?
A) Joe Anderson
B) Michael Yeo
C) Richard Mann
D) Miles Cowling
E) Martin Simons

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.216 – Chess Laws / Trivia

Who provided this famous quote? ‘Chess makes man wiser and clear-sighted.’
A) Raymond Keene
B) Anatoly Karpov
C) Garry Kasparov
D) Barack Obama
E) Vladimir Putin

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.215 – Bits & Pieces!

Who co-wrote the excellent ‘Game Changer’ book with Matthew Sadler?
A) Jovanka Houska
B) Harriet Hunt
C) Natasha Regan
D) Cathy Forbes
E) Susan Lalic

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.214 – International Chess

As well as Bobby Fischer, which other 3 World Chess Champions have been imprisoned?

A) Steinitz, Alekhine & Botvinnik
B) Steinitz, Alekhine & Kasparov
C) Steinitz, Botvinnik & Kasparov
D) Alekhine, Botvinnik & Kasparov
E) Another combination of 3 World Champions

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.213 – National Chess

The British Rapidplay Chess Championship has been run since 1986? Who has won it most times?
A) Mark Hebden
B) Mickey Adams
C) Jon Speelman
D) Peter Wells
E) David Howell

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.212 – Local Chess

Which club has won the B&DCL Division One Championship most times?
A) Bournemouth
B) Knights
C) Parkstone
D) Southbourne
E) Wimborne

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.211 – Chess Laws / Trivia

Which Hollywood star went to the same school as Bobby Fischer, regularly had lunch with him and thought he was very attractive?
A) Lynda Carter
B) Faye Dunaway
C) Goldie Hawn
D) Meryl Streep
E) Barbra Streisand

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.210 – Bits & Pieces!

When was World Chess Day celebrated in 2020?
A) 20th July
B) 20th August
C) 20th September
D) 20th October
E) 20th November

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.209 – International Chess

Which World Chess Champion took on ‘The World’ at chess in 1999?
A) Anatoly Karpov
B) Garry Kasparov
C) Alexander Khalifman
D) Vladimir Kramnik
E) Vishy Anand

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.208 – National Chess

How much did GM James Plaskett win on the ‘Who wants to a be a Millionaire’ TV programme in 2006?
A) £32,000
B) £64,000
C) £125,000
D) £250,000
E) £500,000

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.207 – Local Chess

For the 2012/13 league season, there was a 3 way tie for the B&DCL 1st Division Championship but which were the 3 teams involved?
A) Southbourne A, Wimborne A & Wimborne B
B) Poole A, Southbourne A & Wimborne A
C) Poole A, Southbourne A & Wimborne B
D) Poole A, Wimborne A & Wimborne B
E) None of the above

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.206 – Chess Laws / Trivia

What is the name of the computer which defeated the former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov?
A) Deep Thought
B) Deep Purple
C) Deep Blue
D) Deep Fritz
E) Deep Junior

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.205 – Bits & Pieces!

How many times have Kirk and Spock played chess on the Star Trek TV show?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.204 – International Chess

Who was the FIDE World Chess Champion (not the classical World Chess Champion) 20 years ago in 2001?
A) Anatoly Karpov
B) Alexander Khalifman
C) Vishy Anand
D) Rusian Ponomariov
E) Vladimir Kramnik

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.203 – National Chess

Including unofficial World Championships in the 19th century, how many British World Chess Champions have there been?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 2
D) 3
E) 4

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.202 – Local Chess

Who was the Dorset County Individual Champion 8 times between 1983 and 1992?
A) Joe Anderson
B) Steve Shutler
C) Richard Mann
D) Miles Cowling
E) Martin Simons

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.201 – Chess Laws / Trivia

Which World Champion once prepared for a match against a smoker by having a training partner blow smoke in his face during practice games?
A) José Raúl Capablanca
B) Max Euwe
C) Mikhail Botvinnik
D) Vasily Smyslov
E) Tigran Petrosian