Daily Quiz

Daily Quiz

Whilst face-to-face chess is disrupted Dorset we are running a daily ‘Test Your Chess Knowledge’ quiz question (with 5 possible answers). For local quiz questions you may find the Bulletins and Chat articles helpful.

Martin Simons welcomes your feedback on the quiz and any submissions you have for questions.

Every day we will be publishing the Answers to the latest questions.

Older questions are still available: 1 to 50, 51 to 100 and 101-150

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.174 – International Chess

We all know who is the current World Chess Champion but who is the current Women’s World Chess Champion?

A) Anna Ushenina (Ukraine)
B) Mariya Muzychuk (Ukraine)
C) Hou Yifan (China)
D) Tan Zhongyi (China)
E) Ju Wenjun (China)

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.173 – National Chess

When was the first international chess event held in England?
A) 1851
B) 1871
C) 1891
D) 1911
E) 1931

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.172 – Local Chess

Which current active local chess player has an FM title?
A) Peter Anderson
B) Martin Simons
C) Allan Pleasants
D) Bruce Jenks
E) Mike Waddington

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.171 – Chess Laws / Trivia

Which famous strong chess player provided this great quote? … ‘Enormous self-belief, intuition, the ability to take a risk at a critical moment and go in for a very dangerous play with counter-chances for the opponent – it is precisely these qualities that distinguish great players?’

A) Alexander Alekhine
B) Mikhail Tal
C) Bobby Fischer
D) Garry Kasparov
E) Hikaru Nakamura

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.170 – You are the Arbiter!

During a live tournament chess game, when can pieces be adjusted by a player?

A) When their clock is running.
B) When their clock is not running.
C) When their opponent’s clock is running.
D) When neither clock is running.
E) At any time.

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.169 – International Chess

In the 20th century, in terms of time, who was the shortest World Chess Champion on record?

A) Max Euwe
B) Vasily Smyslov
C) Mikhail Botvinnik (2nd time)
D) Mikhail Tal
E) Mikhail Botvinnik (3rd time)

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.168 – National Chess

As at October 2020, using the FIDE ratings, what ranking was Nigel Short amongst the English players?

A) 2nd
B) 3rd
C) 4th
D) 5th
E) 6th

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.167 – Local Chess

Which club that no longer plays in our local leagues had a reunion chess match in 2012 at the Bournemouth Grand Chess Congress between two of its strongest teams?

A) Christchurch
B) Oakdale
C) Knights
D) Kinson
E) Bournemouth School

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.166 – Chess Laws / Trivia

What is defined as a ‘Rapid game’ of chess (based on 60 moves)?

A) More than 10 minutes but less than 30 minutes for each player
B) More than 10 minutes but less than 60 minutes for each player
C) More than 5 minutes but less than 30 minutes for each player
D) More than 5 minutes but less than 60 minutes for each player
E) None of these.

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.165 – You are the Arbiter!

In a FIDE chess tournament who decides where the chess clock is placed?

A) The clock is always placed on White’s left hand side.
B) By mutual agreement amongst the players.
C) The player of the White pieces.
D) The player of the Black pieces.
E) The Arbiter.

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.164 – International Chess

Since FIDE introduced world rankings some 56 years ago, there have been 12 (FIDE and PCA) world champions. 7 have always been ranked in the top 3 in the world when they won or regained the title? Of the remaining 5 players, who was the lowest ranked when they won or regained the title.

A) Alexander Khalifman (1999 – 2000)
B) Ruslan Ponomariov (2002 – 2004)
C) Rustam Kasimdzhanov (2004 – 2005)
D) Vladimir Kramnik (2006 – 2007)
E) Viswanathan Anand (2007 – 2014)

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.163 – National Chess

Based on the FIDE ratings, what was Nigel Short’s highest ever ranking in the world?

A) 3rd
B) 4th
C) 5th
D) 6th
E) 7th

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.162 – Local Chess

Which of these local chess clubs were formed in the 1970s.

A) Highcliffe, New Milton & Southbourne
B) Highcliffe, New Milton & Wimborne
C) Highcliffe, Southbourne & Wimborne
D) New Milton, Southbourne & Wimborne
E) Highcliffe, New Milton, Southbourne & Wimborne

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.161 – Chess Laws / Trivia

What are the generally accepted benefits of playing chess?
A) Better brain function, improved memory, reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s but not necessarily attention improvement.
B) Better brain function, improved memory & attention improvement but not necessarily reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s.
C) Better brain function, reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s & attention improvement but not necessarily improved memory.
D) Improved memory, reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s & attention improvement but not necessarily better brain function.
E) Better brain function, improved memory, attention improvement & reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.160 – You are the Arbiter!

What is allowed in terms of writing moves down in advance on your scoresheet?

A) This is always allowed.
B) This is allowed providing the player only writes down one move in advance.
C) This is only sometimes allowed in certain situations.
D) This is only allowed when the arbiter is present.
E) This is never allowed.

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.159 – International Chess

When was the first official World Chess Championship held and publicly recognised?

A) 1843
B) 1858
C) 1886
D) 1894
E) 1921

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.158 – National Chess

Stewart Reuben is a well-known British chess player, organiser, arbiter and author but what else is he arguably more famous for playing?

A) Bowls
B) Snooker
C) Darts
D) Bridge
E) Poker

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.157 – Local Chess

Which local club has had the most DCCA Presidents?

A) Weymouth
B) Dorchester
C) Wimborne
D) Poole
E) Southbourne

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.156 – Chess Laws / Trivia

What is the most number of queens known to be on a chess board in a FIDE rated match at any one time?

A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7
E) 8

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.155 – You are the Arbiter!

What is generally not accepted as a valid reason for stopping the chess clock in live play?

A) To seek the arbiter’s assistance.
B) To go for an emergency toilet break when short of time.
C) To promote a pawn to a queen when there is no spare queen.
D) A medical emergency.
E) To complain that a spectator is disturbing the player.

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.154 – International Chess

By some accounts, at the St. Petersburg 1914 chess tournament, the title Grandmaster was formally conferred by Russian Tsar Nicholas II, who had partially funded the tournament. Who in the list below was not one of five international chess players to be awarded the Grandmaster title in this tournament?

A) Emanual Lasker
B) Jose Capablanca
C) Alexander Alekhine
D) Frank Marshall
E) Max Euwe

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.153 – National Chess

Who was not re-elected despite standing as the candidate for the ECF’s Chief Executive position in 2015?

A) Phil Ehr
B) Mike Truran
C) Chris Majer
D) Martin Regan
E) Andrew Farthing

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.152 – Local Chess

Which local chess club once lost a B&DCL Team Handicap Knockout Cup Final by 5.5 – 0.5 but won it on the handicap scoring system?
A) New Milton
B) Purbeck
C) Bournemouth
D) Highcliffe
E) Dorchester

Test Your Chess Knowledge No.151 – Chess Laws / Trivia

What is defined as a ‘Blitz’ game of chess (based on 60 moves)?

A) Up to 20 minutes for each player.
B) Up to 15 minutes for each player.
C) Up to 10 minutes for each player.
D) Up to 5 minutes for each player.
E) Up to 2 minutes for each player.