First West of England Online Counties Match Sunday 10th Jan – Watch the games live this evening!

Chess League advice and information

The combined Dorset and Wilts team which is being captained by Ian Clark will play its first match this coming Sunday at 7:00pm against Gloucester.   The parings for this match are shown at the end of this article.

The match will be conducted on Lichess and it will be possible to follow the games.  You don’t even have to be a Lichess member to watch the games (though it is completely free to join).   I for one will drop in during the evening to watch how things are going.

Details are on this page on the Cornwall site. The left-hand side of the page shows the squads including the players’ Lichess usernames.

I am not sure if direct links to the games will be posted on the Cornwall site once they are started (they are in the 4NCL).  If so, just follow the links.

If not, you will be able to find a game by:

  • going to Lichess
  • selecting Community and then Players from the menu
  • Searching on a Lichess username whose game you want to follow (click on the magnifying glass symbol, top right)
  • Pick the Games tab on the right hand side, halfway down the page, which will bring up all their games
  • Their current game will be top of the list; click on the board to see the game.

Good luck to Dorset and Wilts!

Rating Lichess Username
Rating Lichess Username
Pleasants, Allan
2069 DragonofWales
Stewart, Joey
2245 Kingschessadmin
Allis, Richard
2050 Richard31988
Dicks, Duncan
2176 WriteOn
Gorgun, Aliriza
2043 aagorgun
Ashworth, Mike
2149 Mickster198
Weatherlake, John
1887 Eye-of-the-Badger
Jenkins, John
2083 missedidea
Adaway, Bill
1881 Wgla
Sarpotdar, Amogh
2000 masteramogh
Burton, Ron
1848 Ron_Burtn
Macnaughton, Alistair
1945 alimac61
Georgiou, George
1848 ggeorge59
Saunders, Aron
1876 QueenEating Dragon
Headlong, Fenella
1788 ComebackQueen
Ashworth, Rob
1857 rash54
Ursell, Richard
1788 RichardU150
Walker, Adrian
1762 Rooinek
Leeson, Chris
1784 chrisleeson
Brown, Graham
1732 itsthebishop
Lundin, Terje
1765 terjesverje
Southcott Myers, Indy
1655 Attackingsnowleopard
Joyce, Tim
1698 timjoyce11
Reekie-Black, Matt
1608 Mattblackmatt2
Parsons, David
1638 DaveParsons
Killey, Ainsley
1601 ainsleykilley
Doyle, Jamie
1624 ChessMonkey_Durban
Carey, Alex
1505 AlexanderCarey
Owen, Phil
1555 Woodface
Markey, Kevin
1466 KevinMarkey
Burton, Louis
1248 louiskaan
Sarpotdar, Angad
1396 masterangad
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