Highcliffe C 1 Wimborne E 3; B&DCL Div 4; Wimborne E lead in Div 4 title chase, but Wimborne F safe

Bournemouth & District Chess League

14 May. The result was beneficial to the 2 Wimborne teams in Div 4. For E, it put them back on top with just 1 match to go – a crucial encounter at Poole D on 24 May. The position at the top is so close, with 4 teams separated by just 2 league points, so all to play for. And as Wimborne E Captain Phil Wallace pointed out when submitting the result, it saved the F team from potential relegation. Special mention to Highcliffe who used Divs 3 & 4 to give as many players as possible match experience. The C & D teams put in competitive performances, despite often being heavily out graded. But the match experience seems bound to reap reward in the years ahead for this growing and popular club.

In this match, Wimborne E had wins on the top 3 boards from Tim Joyce, Cornelius Cornes and Phil Wallace. Rachel Richardson was the point scorer for Highcliffe C.

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