Poem No.6 – The Passionate Rook

Over the summer months Christine Roberts is delighting and entertaining us with her chess poems. This one focusses on the lonely ‘rook’ or should that be the ‘castle’ in the corner!

I’m lonely stuck on square A1!
my pal is at the other end.
The game has only just begun;
impatience I must now suspend.

I yearn to reach the other rook,
once castling’s taken place in time.
It’s written down in every book:
together we’ll be so sublime!

Our moves are straight lines round the board.
We’re valued more than either knight.
Our aim’s to be of one accord
and boss the game with all our might.

Our secret pride we’ll now discuss:
We’ve two names each that you can use
castles or rooks, you pick for us,
we care not which, we’re just amused.

Copyright © Christine Roberts 2021

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