Review of the Year Feedback

Review of the Year Feedback

In Bulletin No.43 we asked you for feedback on the bulletins and other chess related issues.

These are the replies we received via the feedback form:

Keith Gregory
I look forward to the Dorset chess newsletters – they are always imaginative, entertaining & enlightening and it’s great to feel part of a “chess community” at such a difficult time for many people who are literally “isolated”. I’m slightly in awe of what a great job the small and dedicated team do in producing so much quality content !
I also enjoy hearing more about the people side of our chess community the articles by Allan, Mike W etc. were informative & I was amazed to discover the Ursells have such a chess dynasty!
Please keep going – you’re are doing magnificently well 🙂

Mark Spalding
I’d like to really appreciate all involved in producing these excellent newsletters. I think they’re very high quality, offering a real range of chess stuff. It has helped to keep me in touch with club-level chess and is great to encourage me to spend time doing some chess study.
Keep up the really excellent work!

David Fuller
I think that it would be fantastic if we could include discussion threads on items so that people could comment and discuss articles. I am sure that these facilities are pretty standard in website setups.
Or perhaps a Forum like:
The Christmas Advent Calendar was genius! Easter Egg Hunt also please! This time include Swindles ‘down at the club’.
Desperately good articles over the past 12 months. A great service to chess players!

Over the past month or so we have also received a few emails thanking us for the bulletins, all of which we very much appreciate. We are glad that some of you are finding them interesting and motivational.